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44 injured in clashes near Interior Ministry, 19 others under investigation

Medical sources said 44 people were injured following clashes near Mohamed Mahmoud Street, while the Abdeen Prosecution has started interrogating 19 people that authorities accuse of involvement.

The clashes came during protests marking the first anniversary of the Mohamed Mahmoud Street clashes in November 2011. More than 40 people were killed after police and security forces forcibly cleared Tahrir Square of protesters demonstrating against the then-ruling Supreme Council of the Armed Forces.

Of the 44 people injured, 35 were transferred to Mounira Hospital, four to Helal Hospital, two to the Police Hospital, two to Qasr al-Ainy Hospital and one to the Qasr al-Ainy French Hospital, an informed medical source told MENA.

Health Ministry official Khaled al-Khateeb said that the wounds ranged from bruises and burns to gunshot wounds.

Khateeb added that all but two of the wounded at Mounira Hospital were eventually released, along with all of those being treated at Helal Hospitals. The injured who were taken to the Police, Qasr al-Ainy and Qasr al-Ainy French Hospitals are still undergoing treatment.

Meanwhile, the Abdeen Prosecution has charged the 19 being held for interrogation with rioting, assaulting public servants, attempt assault on government facilities and damaging public and private property.

Investigators claim that the suspects were found in possession of bladed weapons and Molotov cocktails, while a prosecution team allegedly found burn marks and damaged doors and windows at the nearby Qiribiya School in Abdeen.

Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm