Egypt Independent

61 Egyptian pilgrims died during hajj

At least 61 Egyptian pilgrims died during the hajj this year, Assistant Foreign Minister for Consular Affairs Ali al-Ashiry said on Wednesday. Pilgrims who die in Mecca are normally buried in Medina upon approval of their families.

Ashiry also said the rest of the Egyptian pilgrims are fine, with no reported injuries or epidemic diseases. “The Egyptian Consulate in Jeddah follows up on the pilgrims until they return home,” he said.

Democratic Front Party Acting President Mohamed Abbas said on Sunday that the camps housing Egyptian pilgrims lack services. He said that the pilgrims have to stand in long queues for the toilets, or sometimes sleep in the open because sewage floods their tents.

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia on Monday announced that the hajj was completed, and that 3 million pilgrims performed it this year.

Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm