Egypt Independent

Anti-Islamist activists call for action against Morsy

Anti-Islamist activists distributed statements Tuesday advocating a second revolution on 24 August against the Muslim Brotherhood and calling for the downfall of President Mohamed Morsy and the Freedom and Justice Party.  

The statements, distributed next to Fateh mosque in downtown Ramses Square, coincided with messages circulating on Facebook for the so-called “Second Revolution Movement.”

The movement claimed in a statement that the armed forces supported the people’s demands, but then Islamist groups took over the revolution and made the real revolutionaries step aside. It also accused Islamists of manipulating unrest for their own gains.

Morsy won office through a fraudulent election, the statement alleged, and his decisions as president have conformed to Brotherhood interests, while neglecting social and labor issues.

Ayman Yaqoub, the movement coordinator, said the group is made up of revolutionaries from Tahrir Square who joined the 2011 uprising with specific goals that they are still waiting to see realized.

They claim Morsy has achieved nothing during his short time in office and that the Brotherhood is destroying Egypt.

Pro-military activists have also joined calls for the 24 August demonstration against what they describe as Islamist domination over the state.  

Eissa Sadoud, the secretary general and spokesperson of The Egyptian Front for the Defense of the Armed Forces, said his group would coordinate with former lawmakers Mohamed Abou Hamed and Mostafa Bakry as well as supporters of former presidential candidate and once-Prime Minister Ahmed Shafiq, two pro-Mubarak groups and anti-Islamist political forces.

Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm