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April 6 congratulates Morsy, holds him to his promise

April 6 Youth Movement

announced on Monday its recognition of the Freedom and Justice Party's Mohamed Morsy as the new president of Egypt, and congratulated him.

Ahmed Maher, the movement’s founder, sent a message to Morsy saying that the group would support him, provided Morsy remains committed to his promises to protect the civil state. Maher said Morsy made these promises to the April 6 Youth Movement and other revolutionary parties prior to the runoff election.

Maher stressed that the battle is still long and the revolution will continue until it has achieved all demands. He added that the upcoming phase of the revolution will be harder than Mubarak’s ouster, and that the old regime is still ruling Egypt.

“We should all unite against the military council’s rule,” Maher said. He went on to reject what he called the illegitimate constitutional declaration stripping the new president of his powers and handing them to the military council, and the justice minister’s recent decision to grant military police the right to arrest civilians. Maher also rejected the SCAF’s attempt to amend the constitution in their favor, including a ban on the monitoring of the military institution’s budget and finances.

The April 6 Youth Movement is ready to start new battles for the sake of a democratic nation, said Maher.