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April 6 Movement to protest Morsy for its anniversary

On the anniversary of its founding, April 6 Youth Movement announced on Monday that it was organizing a “Day of Anger” to protest against “President Mohamed Morsy’s violations of his promises, and the increase of corruption, chaos and poverty.”

The movement said on a statement posted to their official Facebook page, “It’s time that we tell Morsy enough is enough." The group added that it was calling for peaceful protests, under the slogan “our power is our peacefulness.”

“To every worker, employee, farmer or student, to every mother or housewife, to every Egyptian, we have been patient for long,” the statement said.

The group alleged in the statement that Egyptians are facing “an increase in corruption, chaos, poverty, prices, unemployment and an increase in thuggery,” and that as a result they were calling for the president to step down.

The movement was founded in 2008, coinciding with demonstrations and strikes during April of that year by textile workers in Mahalla, Gharbiya Governorate protesting low wages.

The April 6 Youth Movement played a prominent role in the January 2011 revolution against former President Hosni Mubarak.

Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm