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10 suggestions for the upcoming president of Egypt

Sometimes I am a dreamer. I reject reality because life is bigger than it, and I think we live a...

Mai Azzam Mai Azzam 2 months ago

In search of treason in Wahat

(1) Many long hours passed before the Interior Ministry released a statement on what happened in Wahat. I don’t know...

Mai Azzam Mai Azzam 5 months ago

Do it, Mr. President!.. and don't run for a second term

(1) The main appearances of the president have now come at the Youth Conferences, in which he answers the questions...

Mai Azzam Mai Azzam 11 months ago

Mr. President, I am frightened

(1) Mr. President, I write you these words.. I do not know for sure whether or not my message will...

Mai Azzam Mai Azzam 1 year ago