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Journalist / news reporter who worked previously for Daily News Egypt and The Cairo Post. Studied media and journalism at the Faculty of Mass Communication at Cairo University. His reporting focuses on the ongoing conflict in Sinai and Egyptian military strategy there, and he also covers other political stories and issues of rights and freedoms.

Egypt to monitor media outlets for 'false news' after 'inaccurate' BBC report

Egypt’s Prosecutor General Nabil Sadek ordered on Wednesday prosecution lawyers across Egypt to monitor media outlets and social media platforms to...

Taha Sakr tahasakr 2 weeks ago

'Forcibly disappeared' woman from BBC report appears on TV

A young Egyptian woman which a recent BBC report alleged had been “forcibly disappeared” in Egypt appeared on television on...

Taha Sakr tahasakr 2 weeks ago

Egyptian hospital denies turning off life-support for UK tourist after £7,000 medical bill

  Egyptian social media users erupted in the wake of claims from UK newspaper, the Daily Mail, that a British tourist –...

Taha Sakr tahasakr 3 weeks ago

The $15 billion gas deal: Who is the real grantee, Egypt or Israel?

Massive controversy and outrage surfaced in Egypt’s political and social media arenas on Monday in the wake of reports of...

Taha Sakr tahasakr 3 weeks ago

US hindering completion of Egypt-France Rafale deal: La Tribune

The French weekly financial newspaper La Tribune reported on Friday that a deal between Cairo and France over the sale...

Taha Sakr tahasakr 4 weeks ago

Photos: 'Forcibly disappeared' man appears as militant in IS video

A man who Muslim Brotherhood-affiliated (MB) media had claimed was subject to an unwarranted ‘forcible disappearance’ from security authorities has appeared...

Taha Sakr tahasakr 1 month ago

Egypt calls on foreign media to follow army narrative in reports on 'Sinai 2018' anti-terror operation

Egypt’s State Information Service (SIS) called on foreign reporters and representatives of foreign media outlets to abide by professional rules...

Taha Sakr tahasakr 1 month ago

16 militants killed, 66 hideouts destroyed on 3rd day of 'Sinai 2018' operation

Egypt’s Armed Forces killed 16 militants and destroyed 66 militant hideouts on Sunday morning as part of a large-scale operation dubbed...

Taha Sakr tahasakr 1 month ago

Egypt army begins large-scale operation to curb IS militancy

The official spokesperson of Egypt’s army released three statements on updates of the large-scale military operation in the Sinai peninsula, Western...

Taha Sakr tahasakr 1 month ago

Egypt, Sudan foreign ministers, heads of intelligence services meet in Cairo to end tensions

As part of attempts end the current impasse between Sudan and Egypt, a meeting was held on Thursday in Cairo...

Taha Sakr tahasakr 1 month ago

Saudi Arabia allows Indian flights to Israel to use its airspace: Haaretz

For the first time, Saudi Arabia has allowed Indian airlines to use its airspace to fly to Israel, marking a first...

Taha Sakr tahasakr 1 month ago

Foreign media spreading fake news on Egypt will be prosecuted: Parliament spokesperson

The official spokesperson of the Egyptian Parliament, Sala Hasaballah, said on Monday that the Egyptian state is working to adopt a strategy...

Taha Sakr tahasakr 1 month ago

The NewYork Times report on Israeli raids in North Sinai is not 'credible' : Military spokesperson

Egypt’s military spokesperson Tamer El-Refaai told Egypt Independent on Sunday that the recently published report by The New York Times in...

Taha Sakr tahasakr 1 month ago

US police arrests three accused of killing Egyptian in Maryland

The Egyptian Embassy in Washington said on Sunday that US authorities arrested three suspected perpetrators of the murder of Egyptian...

Taha Sakr tahasakr 1 month ago