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Azhar and Strong Egypt participate in national dialogue

Al-Azhar participated on Wednesday, in the national dialogue called for by the president’s office to discuss articles at issue in the new Constitution, and proposed amendments. 

Grand Sheikh of Azhar Ahmed Al-Tayyeb sent Azhar adviser for legal affairs Mohamed Abdel Salam, who represented Azhar at the Constituent Assembly, to the national dialogue meetings on Tayyeb’s behalf.

The Sheikh of Azhar has called on all political forces and currents to join the national dialogue following the announcement of the final results of the constitutional referendum.

Strong Egypt Party, headed by former presidential candidate Abdel Moneim Abouel Fotouh, received an official invitation from the president’s office to attend the discussion by the political forces’ proposals of the House of Representatives election law.

Mostafa Kamshish and Mohamed al-Shahawy, members of Strong Egypt Party’s political bureau took part in the dialogue session held on Wednesday.

This was the fifth national dialogue session, and was headed by Mahmoud Mekky, although he submitted his resignation as vice president on Saturday.

Presidential Spokesperson Yasser Ali said that this round of the dialogue addresses two main issues. The first key question relates to the parliamentary elections law, in preparation for the upcoming elections.

The second issue relates to how amendments will be made to controversial articles in the Constitution, following parliamentary elections.