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Billboards encouraging participation in constitution referendum

Billboards have been erected on bridges, roads and in main squares in Cairo encouraging participation in the referendum on the constitution though the Committee of 50 has not yet finished the work.
The slogan of the billboards reads: “Participation in the Constitution = A yes for 30 June and 25 January.”
Opponents of the constitution have already torn billboards down in the Heliopolis neighborhood.
The committee has yet to submit the draft constitution to Interim President Adli Mansour, which will put forward to a public discussion and a referendum after 15 days.
Meanwhile, ads were run on satellite channels calling on citizens to vote for the constitution, stressing the difficulty to find consensus over it.
The campaign soon stoked a reaction from uses on Twitter. Ahmed Maher, former coordinator of the 6 April Movement, asked on Twitter what voting for the constitution had to do with the 25 January revolution. “What if it is against the principles of the revolution?” he tweeted.
Former presidential candidate Khaled Ali wondered why there is such a campaign if the constitution has not been completed yet. “Who pays for those ads?” he asked.
Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm