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Brotherhood International Organization meets with British official to stop prosecution of the group in Europe

Sources close to the Muslim Brotherhood said on Thursday that the international wing of the group is holding meeting with officials to stop prosecution of its members who are living in the United Kingdom and Europe.

Yusuf al-Qaradawi, who has taken refuge in Qatar, is trying to persuade the local government to issue a statement regarding its position about the group leaders who are living there so as to stop attempts to deport them from Doha.
Group leading figure in Jordan Zaki Bani Irshid requested the British ambassador in Riyadh to grant the leaders of Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood who are in London the right to talk in the media without harassment, claiming the group members in Egypt are risking their lives in light of continued arrests.
He said the group is willing to cooperate with the British government in any way, adding that the leaders of Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood do not represent any threat to the British security.
He asked the ambassador that any control the group’s activities be neutral and not influenced by any pressure from regional powers.
Spokesperson Hamza Zawbaa of the Freedom and Justice Party said the group does not mind investigations by the British government into its activities, pointing out that the group has always been peaceful.
Zawbaa denied that any group leader or member of the alliance against the Egyptian regime had to leave Qatar.
Ihab Shiha, the president of the Asala Party who lives in Doha, said the alliance is touring Europe to expose the practices of the military coup in Egypt, yet said it is not trying to gain power from Europe’s support.
British Prime Minister David Cameron ordered in April probe into activities of the Muslim Brotherhood in London over concerns about possible links to violence.
Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm