Egypt Independent

Butane gas arrives from Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia has provided Egypt with 6,400 tons of butane gas in an attempt to ease the fuel shortage in the country, a high-ranking military official said Tuesday.

State-run news agency MENA quoted Major General Mohamed Abdel Qader, head of the Red Sea Harbors Authority, as saying that 6,400 tons of butane gas arrived in the Zayteyyat harbor in Suez Tuesday on board the oil tanker Egypt Gas from the Saudi port of Yanbu.

Earlier this week, MENA reported that the country’s military rulers are asking for assistance from certain Arab countries to help ease the fuel shortage it has been facing for more than three months.

Parliament blamed the government for failing to respond to the crisis, saying such a failure is a reason to replace the cabinet.

Two other ships coming from Asia carrying 15,000 tons of various goods arrived at Adeeba port, state TV said on Tuesday. 

Meanwhile, the ferry Mahabba arrived at the Red Sea’s Safaga port from Jeddah with 989 pilgrims on board, while the ferry Eila arrived in Nuweiba, carrying 650 religious pilgrims.