Egypt Independent

Central Bank denies transferring funds to Morsy’s son

The Central Bank of Egypt filed a claim with the public prosecutor's office Tuesday against a newly-founded daily newspaper that alleged the bank has transferred US$2.5 million to President Mohamed Morsy's son.

Privately-owned Al-Sabah reported that the CBE transferred the money to pay for Ahmed Mohamed Morsy's residence abroad. 
The presidential office also filed a complaint with the public prosecutor about the report.
The CBE said in a statement Tuesday that the report was baseless, as no money had been transferred to Morsy's son for any purpose.
Public Prosecutor Abdel Meguid Mahmoud ordered the Cairo Appeals Prosecution to investigate the incident and verify the document published by the newspaper as evidence that Morsy had transferred the money to his son, who works as a doctor in Saudi Arabia.
Forgery experts will examine the document, and the prosecution asked the police to inquire about its source.
Activists on social networking sites circulated a copy of a document that bears the CBE seal and says Morsy transferred US$2.5 million to his son.