A Palestinian activist fixes a flag near a newly erected protest encampment on 20 January 2013 in the West Bank village of Beit Iksa. The Israeli army early Monday morning removed the encampment of four tents and a building under construction, military sources said.
Palestinians gathered across the West Bank and Gaza on Thursday for rallies of solidarity with Israeli-held prisoners, as peace talks near collapse after the Jewish state refused to free long-serving inmates.   To...
President Abdelaziz Bouteflika arrives on a wheelchair to vote in the presidential elections in Algiers, Thursday, April 17, 2014. Algerians are trickling into the polls to elect a new president of this oil-rich North African nation in an election expected to be won by the ailing incumbent. President Bouteflika has ruled this nation for the past 15 years and, despite suffering from a stroke, is running for a fourth term on a platform of stability.
Algerians trickled into voting booths Thursday to elect the president of this oil-rich North African nation in an election expected to be dominated by the ailing incumbent running for a fourth term. Despite suffering...
Salva Kiir
Rebels in South Sudan battled government forces Thursday in a renewed offensive targeting the young nation's key oil fields, the army said, amid famine warnings by the United Nations. Fighters loyal to rebel chief...
Russia's President Vladimir Putin gives his annual televised question-and-answer session in Moscow
 Russian President Vladimir Putin on Thursday accused Ukraine's new authorities of driving the country towards the abyss but said that dialogue was the only way out of the intensifying crisis. "Only...
Search for missing Malaysian aeroplane
The search for a Malaysia Airlines jetliner deep in the Indian Ocean was again cut short on Wednesday when technical problems forced a U.S. Navy underwater drone to surface without finding anything, officials said....

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Ukraine protesters press government on EU trade deal
On 4 September, Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovich called a meeting of his...
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Armed men stand at an improvised checkpoint in Slaviansk, April 12, 2014.
(Reuters) - One Ukrainian state security officer was killed and five others...
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