Saudi gamers get together at kingdom's first-ever Comic Con. Spectators attend Comic Con expo in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia February 18, 2017 (Ali al-Qarni / Reuters).
In a country where the use of magic is a crime punishable by beheading, it's not every day that young Saudis wander down the street dressed as the Hulk or Doctor Doom. But for three days over the weekend, some 20,...
Social Solidarity Minister Ghada Wali has indicated several obstacles facing the empowerment of women, saying that Arab women represent 25 percent of the total workforce in the Arab world and that 40 percent of the...
No, we're not talking about this kind of finger spoon
An experience that mimics the sensation of licking your fingers can enhance the taste of creamy foods. This is the concept behind the new spoon created by a British design studio, which specialises in the invention of...
Effects of TV on children
Setting a time to switch off the TV before bed can help viewers get to bed at an earlier time, possibly improving sleep patterns and quality, according to new research.   Although many previous studies have looked...
snoring / sleeping
New research has found that daily stressors may be a reason why you might not be sleeping well, and that the poor sleep they cause will also cause worse sleep the next day, creating a vicious cycle that can affect both...


Abdullah Mohamed Hani Zaher, 23, hopes for a fair trail as state prosecutors build their case...


France's classic Crepe Suzette (Photo courtesy: AFP Relaxnews/ Wiktory / Istock)
With Mardi Gras, Pancake Day and Candlemass just around the corner, pancakes...
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Alaska Airlines
Good news has been in short supply the last 12 months, but for nervous fliers...
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Two newly released studies show that the beneficial effects of exercise such as cycling, walking, dancing and even gardening helps in the prevention of Alzheimer's disease. 
 Grandparents who help out occasionally with childcare or provide support...
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A restaurant in Dokki called "Kebda w Shawarma" announced that it...
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