A collection of traditional Ramadan lanterns
Ramadan in Egypt used to have a special spiritual feel. Interwoven with the religious essence of the holy month of fasting, a rich tapestry of traditions dating back as far as the Fatimid period have come to...
byBike cart
Living in Cairo, we are no strangers to street carts. Whether they are selling the national staple food, "fuul", early in the morning, selling seasonal fruits and vegetables or collecting "robabekya...
Volunteers with "My Right" campaign
The National Population Council has launched a new awareness campaign entitled, “My Right”,  to end violence against women in collaboration with the Egyptian Female Lawyers Initiative. The campaign...
Singapore is renowned worldwide for its national maths system, which has been emulated by schools in other developed countries and cities
New York and Los Angeles have shot up the rankings, London has pushed into the top ten, but Singapore is still the world's most expensive city. It's just topped the Economist Intelligence Unit's 2016...
The best time to explore Vienna, Austria, in all its springtime glory is during May. 
Vienna, Austria has emerged the most utopian of world cities, topping a new quality of living index dominated by Western European cities. Maybe it's the city's quaint coffee culture. Or its rich and storied...


Abdullah Mohamed Hani Zaher, 23, hopes for a fair trail as state prosecutors build their case...


The ice cream pop-up museum, just down the block from the Whitney Museum of...
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There's more to your luggage than meets the eye. Of late, bags have started...
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Two newly released studies show that the beneficial effects of exercise such as cycling, walking, dancing and even gardening helps in the prevention of Alzheimer's disease. 
The beneficial effects of physical and mental exercise on brain health are...
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reading books
Although it has long been assumed that reading is good for your mental health,...
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