A father holds the body of his child as South Vietnamese Army Rangers look down from their armored vehicle. The child was killed as government forces pursued guerrillas into a village near the Cambodian border 
 Grubby satchels, helmets, rusty knives and chunky radios are strewn around Dinh Van Loc's front room, transforming his house in Vietnam's capital into an abandoned battlefield. For Loc, these are treasured...
Antiquities Minister Mamdouh al-Damaty
Egypt’s delegate to the UNESCO, Mohamed sameh Amr, has said that Egypt is going to ask the organization to add further Egyptian sites to its World Heritage List.   Antiquities Minister Mamdouh al-Damaty...
The 500s is a bunch of true stories from Egypt teenagers which was developed during a series of workshops with high school students 
A few hours before its premiere, the Cairo Opera House cancelled the play “500s Khomsomeeyat” as part of the fifth annual Hakawy International Arts festival for Children on 15-16 March, due to content...
ADEF DECA (Arab Digital Expression Foundation, Digital Expression Community Area) announced via Facebook a three-month course in tabla drumming, which will continue for 3 months.   The 12-session course for...
Google Doodle celebrates the birthday of Egyptian director Shady Abdel Salam
Google Doodle marked on Sunday the birthday of renowned Egyptian film director and screenwriter Shady Abdel Salam (1930-1986).   Born to a family from Upper Egypt, Abdel Salam studied at Victoria College in...


Abdullah Mohamed Hani Zaher, 23, hopes for a fair trail as state prosecutors build their case...


The performers of the famous "Bollywood Love Story" show have been...
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Joyce Mansour
Celebrated Egyptian poet Joyce Mansour was a woman of the Nile and a French-...
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Colored inscriptions on a newly discovered tomb in Luxor, Egypt
Fragments of ancient beer-brewing basins unearthed in Tel Aviv indicate that...
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Actor Maged al-Kedwany
The Heliopolis Misdemeanor Court sentenced comedy star Maged al-Kedwany to two...
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