Egypt Independent

Egypt lifts travel ban on Americans in NGO case

Egyptian officials say a travel ban on seven Americans employed by pro-democracy US groups has been lifted.

The decision Wednesday appeared to signal the end of the worst crisis in relations between Egypt and the US in 30 years.

The officials spoke on condition of anonymity because of the sensitivity of the case, AP reported.

Similarly Reuters quoting a judicial source as saying that "The assistant to the attorney general, following a request from the investigating judges, has issued an order to lift the ban."

Reuters added charges had not been dropped against any of those involved.

It was not immediately clear when any of the activists involved in the case would leave the country.

The seven are among 16 Americans who are on trial along with 27 others for using illegally obtained funds to foment unrest in Egypt and incite protests against the nation's military rulers. The trial opened on Sunday and adjourned until 26 April.

Two other judicial sources told Reuters that a decision to lift the travel ban from the U.S. citizens had been taken.

None of the 16 Americans were in court on Sunday. Only the seven affected by the travel ban are still in Egypt.

US officials, furious over the case, have threatened to cut off aid.