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ElBaradei: Protests to fight for social justice, not to topple Morsy

Protests planned for the second anniversary of the revolution on 25 January do not aim to overthrow President Mohamed Morsy, said Constitution Party head Mohamed ElBaradei

on Thursday.

Rather, the protests would demand the rejection of the 22 November Constitutional Declaration, the newly ratified Constitution and the deteriorating political and economic situation. ElBaradei called on all Egyptians to participate in the protest.

"The revolution is not complete, as none of its objectives have been achieved. It is time to express legitimate anger at how revolutionary demands have been ignored, including bread, freedom and social justice," he said.

"Our protests are always peaceful and our anger is legitimate. The right of the youth of the revolution to participate in building the nation has been [lost], as they are not represented in any place.”

ElBaradei denied Islamist claims that the protests aim to topple Morsy.

"Have we talked about toppling Morsy? Morsy is the president, but expressing our anger and taking to streets in demonstrations and marches against his decisions is legitimate."

ElBaradei expressed sorrow for the declining economic and political situation after the revolution, saying: "I feel sad when I see Egypt in this way [after the revolution]. We must come shoulder to shoulder and renew our demands for bread, freedom, social justice and human dignity on the anniversary of the revolution, and everyone must bear responsibility."

Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm