Egypt Independent

Exam cancelled after question attacks NSF

The Ministry of Education has announced it will postpone an Arabic language exam in an Alexandria preparatory school after part of the exam allegedly included a part ordering students to describe the National Salvation Front as “thieves.”

Ministry spokesperson Mohamed al-Serougy said that the teacher giving the exam had been disciplined and banned from giving exams for five years. Serougy added that the ministry had instructed teachers not to ask political questions on exams or embroil students in political conflicts.

The Facebook page “I am sorry Mr. President,” dedicated to former President Hosni Mubarak, published a copy of the exam, which was given to second preparatory class students in the Abees School of Alexandria.

One question, asking students to write a composition about the NSF, read, "A flock of thieves who tasted the bitterness of defeat and failure claimed they were a salvation front. What type of salvation is that, ranted by those who wreak havoc on land, disregarding the interests of the nation?"

The question continued, "Yes to the first legitimate president the people elected willingly. No to remnants, losers and thieves who seek to usurp power."

Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm