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FJP member: Constitutional Court verdict against Constituent Assembly would be ‘end of court’

Gamal Tag Eddin, legal adviser of the Freedom and Justice Party, warned the Supreme Constitutional Court on Saturday that a verdict against the Shura Council and Constituent Assembly would spell “the end of the court.”

Referring to pending decisions against the constitutionality of the laws that governed Shura Council elections and the Constituent Assembly selection process, Tag Eddin said that if the court issued a verdict Sunday against either body, “It would be the end of the conspiracy of the Constitutional Court against the Egyptian people.”

Tag Eddin attacked the judges opposing President Mohamed Morsy’s constitutional declaration that immunizes his decisions against judicial appeal and prevents the judiciary from considering the dissolution of the Constituent Assembly and the Shura Council.

“Where were the judges when one of them was being dragged in front of the [Judges] Club, when elections were rigged, and when Administrative Court rulings were ignored?” he asked.

“Today they engage in politics, which is not right,” Tag Eddin added, demanding that judges who want to engage in politics to step down from the judiciary. 

Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm