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FJP welcomes international supervision of elections

The Freedom and Justice Party on Wednesday welcomed international supervision of the upcoming parliamentary elections

, dismissing allegations that the party and the Muslim Brotherhood rigged the last elections.

“The last parliamentary and presidential elections were not rigged,” said Arab Mostafa of the FJP. “The results reflected the will of the people.”

The Brotherhood held several conferences and rallies Wednesday to prepare for the coming elections, fielding new faces this time, said Mostafa.

The group has also organized medical convoys in villages to treat citizens free of charge.

Meanwhile, Essam al-Erian, FJP vice president and Shura Council majority leader, agreed to approve the draft law on the parliamentary elections that the government is presenting to the council.

“We will face any opposition trying to stop it,” Erian said. “We agree to everything the presidency and the National Dialogue Committee send us.”

Erian explained that Parliament would later devise another law regulating all future elections.

Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm