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Hundreds of children condemn terrorism at Pyramids

Hundreds of children wearing pharaonic outfits raised banners to condemn terrorism during a march entitled “In Love of Egypt” on Wednesday at the Pyramids within an initiative launched by the Ministry of Antiquities earlier this year.

Around 400 children marched at the pyramids chanting patriotic songs.

They raises anti-terrorism banners to highlight Egypt as a country of peace and safety.

Ashraf Mohieddin, head of the Pyramids archaeological site, said it’s the first time that the pyramids witness a march launched by the initiative to condemn terrorism.

The pyramids were selected for being the most important archaeological site in the world, he said, adding that such a march is considered a message to the whole world that Egypt is a safe country that is determined to fight terrorism.

Whoever carries out such actions does not love the country but wants to destroy it, he said. All Egyptians, whether Muslims or Copts, unite to face terrorism and keep Egypt safe.

He added that Egypt is stronger than any single terrorist action and that terrorism will not affect his or other archaeologists' determination to keep the country safe.

Meanwhile, Rasha Kamal, head of the ministry’s cultural development department, said the idea of staging such a march came in the wake of the cathedral blast.

“We had a feeling that we have a duty and a message to deliver,” she said. “We were keen, while planning for the march, that the children hold anti-terrorism banners that highlight Egypt's safety and security,” according to Kamal.

“We were also keen to introduce to the children their ancient grandfathers’ teachings that seek to spread peace, love and respect of the other.”

Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm