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Interior minister: Islamists should not protest on 30 June

Interior Minister Mohamed Ibrahim called on Islamists not to stage any protests on 30 June, as clashes between supporters and opponents of President Mohamed Morsy would be tantamount to a “furnace of war.” Ibrahim also called on secular forces not to protest on 21 June, a day on which Islamists have planned protests.

The opposition is mobilizing for mass protests on 30 June to mark the one-year anniversary of Morsy’s inauguration and to demand for early presidential elections. Islamists, on the other hand, are planning counter protests on 21 June in support of the president.

“Officers are ready to sacrifice their lives for the homeland,” Ibrahim added Monday evening on the “Hona al-Asema” talk show on the CBC channel.

The Salafi Da’wa announced it would not partake in either of these protests, “to avoid political provocation, counter mobilization, and fiery speeches, which will lead to the division of society into two camps, one made up of Islamists who want Sharia and the other made up of secularists.”

“The majority of the opposition do not reject an [Islamic basis for governance], but object to the performance of the Cabinet and the president, who are not meeting the needs of the people,” the Salafi Da’wa added in a statement on Monday.

The statement rejected characterizations of Morsy’s opponents as “disloyal and treasonous,” and warned of segments of society who might exploit the demonstrations to spread violence and sabotage, and to shed blood.

The Salafi Da’wa emphasized that Morsy was elected to a four-year term and that of the steps outlined in the constitution for removing a president, none apply to the current situation.

The Salafi body said it would continue to advise and oppose Morsy, and that although it objected to some of his policies, they would stop short of calling for the ouster of an elected president.

“[The Salafi Da’wa] will not allow the constitution to be ignored or amended in any way not set forth therein.  We will not allow power to be hijacked by anyone, including by a presidential council,” the statement added.

Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm