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Interior Ministry changes harassment strategy

The National Council for Women and the Interior Ministry will collaborate to face sexual harassment and assault by stationing security patrols in streets and in front of schools, and strengthening them during rush hours, the council said in a statement Wednesday.

Reports of harassment and assaults have dramatically increased recently. The statement said that the ministry is currently updating its system for fighting sexual harassment and assault through the use of cameras to cover all streets and important squares, and linking them to the security patrols to ensure the speedy arrest of offenders.

In addition, the ministry will appoint specialized female officers in special departments, such as the Morality Police, the juvenile department and the Tourist and Antiquities Police. These officers will examine cases related to women to provide an appropriate atmosphere when incidents are reported and investigated, alongside female community researchers.

The Interior Ministry, according to the statement, established a human rights sector, which aims to communicate with civil society organizations concerned with human rights and educate all officers and police personnel of those rights.

The head of the National Council for Women, Mervat al-Talawy, had met with Interior Minister Ahmed Gamal Eddin to discuss the issue of sexual violence, which reports of which have increased recently.

Talawy had asked the minister to strengthen security patrols, especially in front of schools and busy streets, and to apply the law, which was released recently, that harshens the penalty for harassment‫and assault.

Edited translation from MENA