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Investigations find children were tortured at Sheikh Zayed orphanage

The 6th of October Prosecution conducted investigations Saturday into Amr Zaky, 48, the supervisor of Ishraqa orphanage, on accusations that he tortured 16 children living at the facility, which is located in Sheikh Zayed city and owned by the widow of former prime minister Atef Ebeid.

Ebeid’s widow, Nagd Mohamed Khamees, who chairs the orphanage, was summoned by the prosecution to give her testimony concerning the accusations. 

Zaky then faced the victims' testimonies. Their bodies were examined to identify the injuries; some of them had simple wounds on different parts of their bodies. 

Six members of a committee from the Social Solidarity Ministry said they saw signs of torture on the children’s bodies, adding they noticed issues with the orphanage's ventilation and lighting, which may have been tampered with, and the poor quality of food.

The children were sent to the Forensic Medicine Department. Medical examinations showed burns on one of the boys’ penis. The prosecution confiscated these photos and videos.

Further investigations are required by security services to reveal the circumstances around the incidents and to identify those who violated the children.

Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm