Egypt Independent

Journalists Syndicate to participate in 30 June protests

The Journalists Syndicate said on Wednesday that it will run an operations room to receive complaints about any attacks on journalists during the 30 June protests.
The protests are being organized by opposition forces to demand for early presidential elections, while Islamist forces intend to rally in support of President Mohamed Morsy on the same day.
The Syndicate affirms the right of the Egyptian people to peacefully express their demands. It also announced that it would hold a protest and a march to Tahrir supporting freedom of the press and freedom of expression on the same day, at the request of hundreds of Syndicate members.
The first year of Morsy’s term as president witnessed a massive assault on freedom of opinion and freedom of expression, as well as pressure on the press and on the media, the statement explained.
The Syndicate announced that it rejected these “totalitarian practices that are dividing the country.”
Investigations and judicial proceedings against opposing media personalities and journalists have been common in the first year of Morsy’s term, to conclude on 30 June, and have sparked fears that the policies of his predecessor Hosni Mubarak are here to stay, the Syndicate concluded.