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Morsy calls on parties to discuss parliament election law

President Mohamed Morsy reiterated his call to all parties to join the national dialogue he has sponsored, and through this dialogue and the Shura Council to discuss the election law for the upcoming parliamentary elections.

He said all points of view should be expressed so that the will of the people is realized and to assure the impartiality and fairness of the elections.

Morsy added, in a televised speech to the Shura Council on Saturday, that the aim of the dialogue and discussion is that the House of Representatives applies Article 5 of the Constitution which states that the sovereignty is for the people alone and that they will safeguard national unity.

Addressing members of the Shura Council, Morsy said, “you now have assumed full power to legislate until the new Council of Representatives convenes. I invite you to work hard, cooperate with the government and discuss with all political parties and forces and community agencies to issue the necessary legislation, motivated by the necessity of excellence and the pursuit of perfection.”

“Your honored Council became for the first time in the Second Republic a participant in legislation, now it fully exercises legislation. After the election of the new House of Representatives, it [the Shura Counil] will participate in the power of legislation, choose the heads of independent bodies, and develop plans for the work of these bodies, and have the responsibility to monitor the executive authority.”

The president expressed his confidence that that Egyptian people will exercise their right to vote in the next House of Representatives election under the supervision of the judiciary. He said it will the first time that the lower chamber of Parliament is a partner in choosing the government, as well as monitoring its performance.

Citing corruption, lack of accountability and unfair economic policies, Morsy blamed the former regime for some of the challenges Egypt is currently facing.

Morsy went on to say that since the first meeting of the current government in August, they have been working on urgent rescue plan to combat poverty, address corruption, and achieve an equitable balance in the distribution of tax burdens.

Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm