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Morsy forming advisory council for Egyptian expats

Ayman Ali, presidential adviser for Egyptian expatriates’ affairs, said Monday that President Mohamed Morsy is forming an advisory council for Egyptians living abroad.

He also said that the advisers would be chosen with full transparency, and that it would start operating within a month.

“It is not a substitute for consulates; it would complement them,” Ali added.

The Foreign Ministry was criticized under former President Hosni Mubarakطs regime for its failure to resolve the problems of Egyptians living abroad.

“With the help of the council, Egyptian expatriates would play a role in repatriating funds smuggled abroad,” Ali said.

He added that President Morsy is following up on incidents involving Egyptians who live abroad.

“He called the Greek president, who apologized to him for what happened there, and assured him that it was not a government policy in any way,” he said, referring to recent attacks on Egyptian immigrants in Greece.

“He also spoke with the Iraqi president, who promised he would not allow the execution of Egyptians,” he said, adding that Morsy would also address the issue of Egyptian prisoners in Saudi Arabia.

“Preserving Egyptians’ dignity is the president’s priority.”

Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm