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Moussa: No one has legitimacy when country about to collapse

Conference Party chief and former presidential contender Amr Moussa said President Mohamed Morsy has lost the legitimacy granted to him in the Constitution.

“I believe no one has legitimacy in a country that is about to collapse,” he said in an interview Tuesday with 7 Days magazine, a recently-founded independent weekly publication.

Moussa blamed the president for the ongoing crisis, saying that despite there being a democratic regime, responsibilities and divisions of powers have yet to be clarified, he said. 

“The president remains in charge of what happens. He should be the most disturbed one, because he is responsible for what happens and what will happen,” he added.

“The opposition and the regime cannot be both blamed for failure of the current phase,” Moussa said, adding that according to the law and political practice, responsibility lies with whomever rules and takes the decisions.

The economic situation requires immediate reform, he said, adding that the Cabinet is unable to meet the demands of the people and the opposition.

It is inappropriate, he said, for Egypt’s economy to continue to be dependent on foreign aid after the 25 January revolution.

Moussa pointed to confusion over the state’s priorities, saying, “We cannot ignore what is an economic catastrophe and simply busy ourselves with parliamentary elections, which themselves entail high costs.”

In the interview, Moussa also reiterated the calls made by the opposition for the formation of a national salvation Cabinet, at which all political forces are represented, and the postponement of parliamentary elections.