Egypt Independent

Muslim Brotherhood: Opposition ‘spreading sabotage’

The Muslim Brotherhood has accused opposition groups of "spreading sabotage," in the wake of violent protest that have gripped the country for the past two days.

In a statement Saturday, the Brotherhood said that the opposition's silence after attacks against its offices and Freedom and Justice Party headquarters amounted to them "gloating over Egypt and Egyptians," and accused opposition groups of supporting such attacks.

The group also accused the media of misleading the public, "spreading hatred" against the regime and inciting "sabotage."

Ahmed al-Boraie, vice president of the Dostour Party, rejected attempts to tie his party and other opposition parties to the violence, saying, "Neither us, nor Egyptians have any [connection to] the violence. It's the responsibility of the Cabinet."

Clashes between protesters and security forces in several Egyptian governorates have left 36 people dead since Friday, mainly in cities around the Suez Canal region. The Health Ministry has estimated that at least 884 people have been injured.