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Muslim Brotherhood rejects 50-member committee and plans to continue peaceful protests

Hamza Zawba, spokesperson for the Freedom and Justice Party, described the 50-member committee formed to amend the 2012 constitution as “invalid and unrepresentative of all Egyptians.”
Interim President Adly Mansour on Sunday approved the makeup of the 50-member committee.
In statements to Egypt Independent, Zawba added that the process of amending the 2012 constitution is invalid to begin with since the 2012 constitution had been approved by Egyptians in a popular referendum. The "perpetrators of the coup" are trying to replace it with another, even though they said that they would only amend it, he added.
He said that not all political parties are represented in the 50-member committee and neither are women. The committee was not even elected, he added.
Zawba also criticized the cancellation of the anti-corruption commission established by the 2012 constitution, saying the makeup of the 50-member committee does not satisfy reporters, the State commissioners board or the Egyptian public.
He added that all the procedures adopted to amend the constitution will lead to its rejection by Egyptians, saying it does not measure up to the ambitions of Egyptians. He also added that Islamists have a considerable voting bloc which they direct in whatever way they want.
He said that perpetrators of the coup may mobilize the votes of the Central Security officers and Christians to approve the constitution. He claimed that there will be empty polling stations and other full ones, which undermines the transparency and integrity of the election not unlike the Hosni Mubarak regime's practices.
"The Brotherhood will continue its peaceful struggle and will not give up on its plans to bring down the rule of the military," he said, adding that the current regime is already teetering as the economy falters, which would eventually impact the political scene.
Asked about the numbers of protesters who took to the streets on Friday, he said that their numbers exceeded 6 million and will increase over the coming days as the regime undermines all the democratic values which the 25 January revolution called for.
Asked if there were any initiatives in which the Muslim Brotherhood would take part, Zawba said that the group is not counting on initiatives or the numbers of protesters but rather on the fulfillment of rights. He also said that it is the military that should propose initiatives rather than the Muslim Brotherhood since they launched the coup to seize power.