Egypt Independent

National Salvation Front parties bicker ahead of parliamentary elections

Disputes between the different member parties in the National Salvation Front

have intensified as the party prepares its campaign for the upcoming parliamentary elections.

Sources close to the NSF say Wafd Party committees in various governorates, especially in the Delta region, object to running on the same electoral list with the leftist Popular Current, led by Hamdeen Sabbahi, and the Socialist Alliance, headed by Abdel-Ghaffar Shokr.

The Wafd Party's youth committees have asked party head Al-Sayed al-Badawi to only partner with parties whose ideologies are in line with that of Wafd.

When the Wafd Party ran in last year's parliamentary elections on its own electoral list, it finished second after the Islamist parties — a sign of popular support for the party, youth committee members argued.

Edited translation from MENA