Shafiq says might appoint Christian woman as deputy

Shafiq says might appoint Christian woman as deputy


Tue, 15/05/2012 - 13:53

Presidential candidate Ahmed Shafiq hinted Monday that he might appoint a Christian woman as his deputy if he is elected president.

At a public rally in Alexandria, Shafiq said if he finds a Christian woman who is competent enough for the position, he would appoint her, emphasizing the need to safeguard women’s rights against attempts to limit their role.

Shafiq said that to restore security, problems facing security services need to be addressed and people need to show respect for security officers.

The former prime minister condemned the fact that Bedouins are not permitted to own land close to the border with Israel and are prevented from enrolling in certain faculties at universities, saying they should enjoy full rights like all Egyptians.

Shafiq highlighted the need to address Egypt’s “devastated” economic situation, warning of the potential repercussions of a decline in strategic reserves of wheat in the coming six months.

He promised his supporters present, estimated at 2,000, that he would prioritize developing Alexandria and boosting its tourism.

Shafiq last visited the coastal city at the beginning of this year, when he participated in commemoration of the first anniversary of the Two Saints Church bombing. During the visit, he attended mass at St. Mina Monastery on the outskirts of the city.

Shafiq, as well as presidential candidate and former Arab Leage chief Amr Moussa, is expected to gain the support of many Christians who prioritize restoring security.