Shafiq appeals exclusion decision before Presidential Elections Commission

Shafiq appeals exclusion decision before Presidential Elections Commission


Wed, 25/04/2012 - 18:12

Former Vice President Ahmed Shafiq, who was excluded from the presidential election, sent a letter to the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces on Wednesday, requesting that it refer the political isolation law to the Supreme Constitutional Court to determine whether it is in accordance with the Constitutional Declaration.

In his letter, Shafiq said the court declined to give an opinion about the law before it was issued officially.

The Presidential Elections Commission disqualified Shafiq after the SCAF approved a law passed by Parliament to ban top-ranking figures of the ousted regime from running for public office. The ban does not apply to Amr Moussa, who served as Mubarak’s foreign minister for ten years, because the law only singles out former vice presidents, prime ministers, and officials in the National Democratic Party.

Shafiq sent the letter before presenting his appeal to the Presidential Elections Commission. The commission listened to Shafiq’s appeal on Wednesday evening, according to the commission’s Facebook page.

According to his campaign, Shafiq was accompanied by legal experts Shawky al-Sayed and Yahia Qadry to present his appeal.

Sahfiq asked supporters not to protest outside the election commission’s headquarters or to resort to any measures that would disrupt traffic.

The commission is expected to issue its decision on Wednesday evening or Thursday morning at the latest, prior to its announcement of the final list of candidates at 12 pm, said state-owned news service MENA.