Egypt Independent

NSF calls for national reconciliation, salvation government

The National Salvation Front urged President Mohamed Morsy to call for "unconditional national reconciliation with the opposition," in a statement issued late Friday, as protesters continued facing off with security forces in violent clashes nationwide. 

At least eight deaths were reported in the Suez Governorate and a ninth unconfirmed in Ismailia, according to medical and security sources in the area, after mass protests turned violent on the day marking the 25 January 2011 uprising. More than 380 were injured in 12 governorates around the country. 
The NSF saluted the "courageous masses which participated in peaceful protests nationwide … against the Muslim Brotherhood's monopolization of the state, the government, the legislative authority and the presidency."
The opposition coalition demanded the immediate halt of the laws regulating elections and sukuk, or Islamic bonds, both passed by the Shura Council, which gained legislative powers after the passing of the divisive Constitution in late December. 
On that note, the NSF also demanded the suspension of the new Constitution, calling it "flawed and unsuitable for Egypt."
Putting full responsibility on the president and the Brotherhood for not heeding the demands of the people, and for the current state of affairs in Egypt today, the front demanded "the swift formation of a national salvation government comrprising of qualified officials, not sons of the Brotherhood."
They reiterated their full support of the "people's decision to remain in the squares until the revolution returns and retribution is achieved for the martyrs," adding that it would participate in the sit-in, represented by all its parties and movements. 
The NSF affirmed its commitment to people's decisions regarding any peaceful escalation to push for demands to be met. 
The front also accused the Brotherhood of straying Egypt away from its true identity and splitting the nation into two sides, "one that implements the group's plan while disregarding national interests, and another camp calling for bread, freedom and social justice."
The coalition called on the Interior Ministry to respect citizens' right to peacefully protest.