Egypt Independent

NSF demands new government, international supervision of elections

The National Salvation Front

will resolve its final position on the upcoming parliamentary elections in a few hours, Amr Moussa, a leading figure in the opposition coalition, said Sunday.

“I personally see that the elections should be postponed for a year, given the current circumstances,” Moussa, a former foreign minister under ex-President Hosni Mubarak, told the Egyptian community in Sharjah. “The NSF might participate if the elections are supervised by the European Union and the Carter Center, and if guarantees for integrity are provided.”

He said the parliamentary and presidential elections were rigged, but not to the extent that they should be invalidated.

“We need an international economic conference,” he added. “We need US$12 billion urgently, and another $100 billion within the next five years.”

The elections for the House of Representatives, Egypt’s lower house of Parliament, are set to begin 22 April.

Edited translation from MENA