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2 days ago

Kuwait lifts ban on import of Egyptian agricultural products

Kuwait’s Ministry of Agriculture announced on Thursday it is lifting the temporary ban of Egyptian agricultural imports prohibiting lettuce, pepper, onion, and guava. The new decision stipulates that certificates must be displayed on each shipment confirming that the products have been ... Read More

7 hours ago

COP23: Climate negotiations agree on way forward

The Paris Agreement remains on track. Talks in Bonn went 12 hours into overtime as participants reached an agreement on climate finance. But now comes the tough part. The bar was low for this year’s United Nations climate summit in ... Read More

10 hours ago

Da Vinci painting of Christ sells for record $450mn

A 500-year-old painting believed to be by Leonardo da Vinci has sold for $450.3 million in New York, blazing a new world record for the most expensive work of art sold at auction, Christie’s said. “Salvator Mundi” or “Savior of ... Read More

1 day ago

Life & Style
Hemayaa: Raising sex education awareness for children through fun activities

Sex is a taboo topic in Egypt. The prevailing societal belief is that sheltering children from the topic for as long as possible equates to protecting them. However, an emerging organization, “Hemayaa” (Protection), aspires to challenge this societal misconception by providing ... Read More