Egypt Independent

Popular Current to boycott parliamentary elections

The Popular Current Party, led by former presidential candidate Hamdeen Sabbahi, has decided to boycott upcoming parliamentary elections.

According to a statement issued late Tuesday, the secular-leaning party “will not back a regime that turned against the goals of the January 2011 revolution and the sacrifices of its martyrs.”

The party attributed its decision to President Mohamed Morsy’s “disregard of all forms of popular engagement, and excluding decision-making to a single political group to decide the fate of the nation, thus undermining the principles of democracy and freedom,” apparently referencing the Muslim Brotherhood.

Elections for the lower house, the House of Representatives, had been slated for April, and Morsy was supposed to schedule a date on 25 of February. However, the Supreme Constitutional Court ruled Monday that parts of the draft election law were unconstitutional, potentially delaying the process.

The party said it would work on rekindling the revolution through peaceful civilian resistance and civil disobedience, while praising a campaign of protests and mass strikes in Port Said.

Many secular and opposition groups have boycotted the ballot box since the revolution, claiming they are sidelined by Islamist forces that have come to power and passed the Constitution by mobilizing voters.