Egypt Independent

Presidential spokesperson: National dialogue on election law after referendum

The fourth session of the national dialogue called for by President Mohamed Morsy with political forces, legal experts and public figures, on Wednesday discussed the future course of the dialogue after the referendum on the new draft constitution, be it approved or rejected, presidential spokesperson Yasser Ali said.

Ali wrote on Facebook that if the draft constitution is approved, the attendees agreed to discuss the parliamentary elections law and other articles of the draft for which amendments have been proposed, in order to present them to the next Parliament.

In case the draft is rejected, Ali said, they would discuss a law on a new Constituent Assembly to draw up another constitution.

They also agreed to send their proposals to the National Dialogue Committee on 25 December for it to consider over two days, Ali added.

The state-run MENA news agency said the attendees agreed on a document including all disputed articles of the constitution for the coming Parliament to consider.

After the referendum, the presidency would immediately invite the political forces that did not participate in the national dialogue to attend the fifth round so as to widen the circle of discussion, MENA said.

The opposition has rejected the draft constitution and says that participants in the national dialogue are supporters of the ruling party.