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Salafi MP accused of indecency

Prosecutors in Qalyubiya have began investigating accusations of public indecency against Asala Party MP Ali Wanees. The MP was allegedly found in an indecent situation with a girl, judicial sources told al-Masry al-Youm.

The police said that they apprehended MP Ali Wanees in an indecent situation, with a girl in his car.

Security sources said that while patrolling Alexandria-Cairo agricultural road, they found MP and the girl, and took them both to Tokh police department and filed a report accusing them of "an indecent act on a public road."

Wanees has denied the accusations. The MP told the people of his constituency in a statement after Friday prayers that "this was an attempt to distort his image and defame him."

The MP said that the girl in his car is his niece and that she felt ill, so he stopped outside a mall on the road to buy water and juice and returned to the car where he unveiled her face to wash it before the police patrol arrived and accused him of public indecency.

Wanees told worshipers that "a heated argument with the patrol officers made them fabricate the charge."

Wanees lead a protest after the prayers to al-Ishara Square in Banha, the capital of Qalyubiya, where they met with another demonstration and chanted slogans against the military council.

Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm