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Sinai revolutionary group threatens to demolish Dayan Rock

The Free Sinai movement is in the process of mobilizing popular and revolutionary forces to demolish Dayan Rock, according to the movement’s general coordinator, who called it “the rock of shame.”

Mohamed Hindi said that the movement also aims to demolish all symbols of Israel in Sinai, after the decision of the “Zionist entity” to demolish a monument commemorating Egyptian soldiers in the Palestinian village of Beit Nuba in the West Bank.

The Israeli authorities announced their intention to demolish the monument, along with several other buildings, claiming they were built without permits.

Hindi also noted that there has been coordination with the Beheira Revolutionary Youth movement to besiege the tomb of Abu Hasira, a Jewish monument in Beheira visited annually by Israeli pilgrims.

Dayan Rock was carved during the Israeli occupation of Sinai as a memorial for 11 Israeli pilots killed in clashes, on orders from then Israeli Defense Minister Moshe Dayan.

The Dayan Rock in the Sheikh Zuwayed was built without a license and should be demolished for this reason, Hindi said.  

Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm