Egypt Independent

Sources: Mubarak says 30 June dwarfed 2011 protests

Egypt's former leader Hosni Mubarak watched 30 June demonstrations demanding President Mohamed Morsy stand down, well-informed sources have revealed.
The imprisoned dictator reportedly expressed astonishment at the number of protesters on the streets of Cairo, commenting that crowds dwarfed those that rose up against him in January 2011.
Sources said that Mubarak told his two sons Alaa and Gamal in their cell that those who revolted against him were much less than the millions that came out calling for the fall of the current Muslim Brotherhood–led regime.
Mubarak said he responded to the demands of the people and stepped down in order to save lives, sources added.
Sources, speaking on condition of anonymity, told Al-Masry Al-Youm that Mubarak appeared happy and that his psychological condition improved significantly.
The sources pointed out his condition improved especially after he watched comparisons between him and Morsy in talk shows, and the result always seemed to be in his favour.
Mubarak is currently imprisoned at Tora prison in Cairo's Helwan area, pending trial on charges of exploiting influence and killing demonstrators during the 25 January revolution, in addition to other corruption and public money squandering charges.
Mubarak stepped down on 11 February 2011, after 18 days of protests that swept the country demanding an end to his 30-year reign.