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Strong Egypt Party demands rescindment of Constitutional Declaration

The Strong Egypt Party, led by former presidential candidate Abdel Moneim Abouel Fotouh

, called on President Mohamed Morsy to rescind the constitutional declaration issued on Thursday.

The party agreed with the dismissal of the former prosecutor general and the retrials of former regime officials, it said in a statement issued Monday. New criteria for the position should be established, the party added, saying the prosecutor general should be nominated by the Supreme Judicial Council and ratified by the president.

The statement lashed out at the Interior Ministry, demanding the immediate cessation of brutality against protesters in violation of the law and human rights norms. The ministry should be restructured, the party added, and all officers who have been implicated in human rights violations should be dismissed.

The party urged a national dialogue to agree on the Constituent Assembly and the constitution draft, and trusted that political forces would halt their protests if Morsy rescinds his decree.

The party seeks to preserve the unity of the nation, the statement added, and hopes that all concerned parties would respond positively to this initiative.

The party had on Sunday denounced calls by certain political forces and public figures for the United States and the European Union to intervene in Egyptian internal affairs.

Liberal and secular forces have rejected the November Constitutional Declaration with demonstrations in Tahrir Square, and are calling for a mass demonstration against it on Tuesday. Meanwhile, the Muslim Brotherhood plans to hold a rally in support of Morsy at the Renaissance Memorial in Giza on the same day.