6 archeological missions to resume underwater excavations in Egypt

Egypt hosted the Alexandria International Conference on Maritime and underwater archaeology for three days starting 31 October with the participation of 25 scientists and archeologists from more than 11 countries celebrating the 20th anniversary of the Department of Underwater Antiquities.
21 Mar 2017
Six local and international excavation missions have obtained the necessary approvals to resume their underwater archeological excavations for antiquities along the shores of Alexandria and Red Sea governorates, according to the ...

Ramses II statue arrives at Egyptian Museum in Tahrir

16 Mar 2017
The eight-meter statue of Ramses II and other relics unearthed in Matariya arrived at the Egyptian Museum in Tahrir Square early on Thursday. State-run Nile News TV channel aired the transfer of the statue, which was carried out by...

In photos: Fossil of giant catfish discovered in Egypt's Wadi El-Hitan

15 Mar 2017
Wadi el-Hitan (Valley of Whales) is a desert in Fayoum full of dramatic landscapes where, from time to time, scientists have been surprised to unearth remarkable collections of various eocene vertebrate species, particularly whales, which...

Egyptian-German mission lifts King Ramses statue in Matariya

13 Mar 2017
The Egyptian-German archaeological mission operating in Matariya area on Monday morning lifted part of the excavated King Ramses II's statue, which was pulled out of the ground last Thursday. The statue will be covered with acidity-...

Pharaonic relics submerged with Titanic must be recovered: Egyptologist

Egyptian sunken antiquities exhibition
12 Mar 2017
Egyptologist Bassam al-Shammaa has called for pharaonic antiquities that sank with the Titanic to be recovered. At a symposium entitled “Egypt: the Future of the Past”, held during events of the Damanhour second book fair,...

Officials deny any damage to newly-discovered king Ramses II statue during excavation

10 Mar 2017
The head of the German archaeological mission Dietrich Rowe announced that the antiquities discovered Thursday morning in Matariya area are unharmed and in a good state of preservation.   Rowe was responding to what has...

Ayyubid Sultan al-Kamel's compartment door stolen from shrine

09 Mar 2017
Security authorities have begun investigations into the theft of the wooden door from the compartment of Sultan al-Kamel, the forth Ayyubid ruler of Egypt, from al-Imam al-Shafei's shrine in Cairo, said Saeed Helmy, president of...

Parts of buried Ramses II Temple discovered in Matariya

09 Mar 2017
The Antiquities Ministry announced on Thursday the discovery of parts from two statues of two kings belonging to the 19th Dynasty.  The discovery was made by a joint German-Egyptian archaeological mission operating in Matareya area at...

66 statues of Pharaonic goddess Sekhmet discovered in Luxor

08 Mar 2017
Since the beginning of the year, the German archaeological mission operating at the King Amenhotep III Temple area in Luxor has discovered parts from 66 statues of the Pharaonic goddess Sekhmet, the Antiquities Ministry's official...

Grand Egyptian Museum to open in mid-2018: Antiquities Minister

06 Mar 2017
The Grand Egyptian Museum will be opened by mid-2018, Antiquities Minister Khaled al-Anany declared, adding the ministry needs LE2 billion to open 20 museums that are closed in several governorates. The Grand Egyptian museum, which is...