Antiquities Minister inaugurates first Pharaonic cloning center in Luxor

The tomb of famous Pharaoh King Tutankhamun at the Valley of the Kings, Luxor
17 Feb 2017
Antiquities Minister Khaled al-Anany and Luxor governor Mohamed Badr inaugurated on Friday the first center for cloning the tombs of Pharaonic kings and queens. The officials inaugurated as well the Stoppelaere House near the Valley of the...

Hunting Museum at Prince Mohamed Ali Palace reopened after a decade

Hunting Museum in Prince Mohamed Ali Palace on opening day February 7th, 2017. The museum had been closed for renovation since 2007. Opening day photo.
14 Feb 2017
Antiquities Minister Khaled al-Anany inaugurated on Tuesday, February 7, the Hunting Museum of Prince Mohamed Ali's Palace in Manial, where hunting trophies belonging to the royal family members are displayed.   Foreign...

‘Egypt’s Sunken Mysteries’ exhibition opens in Zurich

Handout photo of Apis bull.
10 Feb 2017
Antiquities Minister Khaled al-Anany held on Thursday a press conference at Rietberg Museum in Zurich, hours ahead of opening the Egyptian antiquities museum‘s exhibition ‘Osiris - Egypt’s Sunken Mysteries’, that...

Four mummies in Aswan hospital over breast cancer

World cultures keeper Henrietta Lidchi poses for a photograph looking at a coffin of Ankhhor during a media viewing of the 'Fascinating Mummies' exhibition at the National Museum of Scotland in Edinburgh, Scotland February 10, 2012.
09 Feb 2017
Aswan University Hospital concluded on Wednesday tomography and diagnostic radiography on four archaeological mummies that were unearthed from the western bank in Aswan, in order to find out more about the medical history of their...

German archaeologists discover ancient mortar pit with impressions of Egyptian children's feet

A mortar pit recently discovered by German archaeologists in Qanatir
07 Feb 2017
A German excavation team has discovered the remnants of a building complex, a mortar pit with children footprints, and a painted wall in Qanatir, east Delta, according to a press release from Mahmoud Afifi, head of the Ancient...

Police seize 801 artifacts, preventing illegal sale in Sharqiya

02 Feb 2017
The tourism police seized a set of rare antiquities from a house in Sharqiya, preventing the illegal sale by a student and a housewife to an unauthorized antiquities trader at US$800,000, state-run newspaper Al-Ahram reported on Thursday....

Egypt retrieves 2 artifacts from London

One of the artifacts retrieved from London
01 Feb 2017
Egypt's embassy in London received on Tuesday two artifacts that had been put for sale at a London auction house.   The director general of the Retrieved Antiquities Department of the Antiquities Ministry, Shaaban Abdel Gawad,...

Japanese mission discovers new Ramses-era tomb in Luxor

31 Jan 2017
An archaeological Japanese mission in Egypt discovered a new cemetery in Khoja area in the West Bank, Luxor, that likely dates back to the "Ra'amesa" era. The cemetery is attributed to a person named "Khonso"...

Egypt retrieves 4,000-year-old figurine from London

the wooden Ushabti figurine retrieved from London
29 Jan 2017
The Egyptian embassy in London retrieved a wooden Ushabti figurine that dates back to the Middle Kingdom period of Ancient Egypt (2050 BC-1800 BC). The director general of the Retrieved Antiquities Department of the Antiquities Ministry,...

Historic lanterns stolen from Refai Mosque restored

The Islamic lanterns decorating Al-Refai mosque
25 Jan 2017
Security services arrested two of the suspects accused of stealing six historic lanterns from the chamber of King Fouad I and Princess Feryal at Refai Mosque, located in Qalaa Square, Cairo. The theft was reported earlier this month. In...