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Ancient Coptic icons seized at Cairo airport

31 Jul 2013
Customs officers at Cairo airport have seized three ancient Coptic icons that someone attempted to smuggle to the United States. Customs chief Mohamed al-Shahat said that personnel was suspicious of a parcel that was being shipped to...

Welcome home: Interior designer offers five tips for home decorating

16 Apr 2013
The idea of furnishing a new home can be daunting. If you’ve just rented an unfurnished flat or purchased a new home, the empty space, much like a blank page, can cause confusion. Interior designer Rafik al-Azbawy has been there...

From Amman to Cairo: Lara’s Crafts brings creations to Egyptian market

24 Feb 2013
Lara’s Crafts first launched in Amman, started by two young women with great ambitions. Almost 10 years later, Lara and Luna Kawash have brought a transformed and more mature concept of their business to the Egyptian market. Since...

Color and brass: Salameka offers high-end home accessories

19 Feb 2013
For the last two years, Salma Mostafa al-Feky has been developing her line of home accessories, Salameka, and expanding her export network around the Arab world. Living abroad for so long has made Feky fond of Oriental artistry, she...

Irada wall art: Modernizing Islamic art for your home

25 Dec 2012
For the team at Irada, it’s all about adding that spiritual touch. Through Islamic art inspired wall decals quoting verses from the Quran, the Hadith and Islamic poetry, they hope to bring a little of the divine into ordinary homes,...

Have a seat: A chair is not just a chair for two young Cairo designers

29 Nov 2012
Cairo is an endless game of musical chairs, where a set of stackable stools wedged between parked cars is a veritable downtown cafe and where lonely chairs reserved for bowabs and the resident codger can be found below almost every high-...

The art of feng shui: A guide to cleansing and de-cluttering your home, in six steps

20 Nov 2012
I recently had the pleasure of getting a casual and insightful feng shui assessment of my home. “Feng” means wind and “shui” means water, and it’s an ancient Chinese idea often applied to design. As with many...

Top five furniture destinations for the bride-to-be

20 Aug 2012
Putting together a comfortable and fashionable house that you will still love 10 years down the road can be one of the toughest tasks that face a young bride to-be. Here is a guide of several furniture shops and interior showrooms around...

Nina Shawki Collection: An Egyptian-made bedding option

A cotton printed bed set by Nina Shawki
06 Mar 2012
As consumers become keen to buy Egyptian-made products, designers have gained confidence and several small, local fashion and textile business ventures have flourished. Among the up-and-coming names in home textiles is Nina Shawki,...

Paint your home to soothe your psyche

05 Mar 2012
Painting the walls of your home may seem like one of the quickest ways to update your interior design scheme, but before you break out the paint brushes, think carefully. Experts say your choice of interior paint color for each room in...