Iraqi poet facing literature burning call gains campaign backing

Campaign backing Iraqi poet Saady Youssef
20 Nov 2014
Supporters of Iraqi poet Saady Youssef have launched a campaign to defend him after fellow Iraqi intellectuals called to burn his works over his alleged insults of Iraq's southern population.   "The controversy,...

Seminar held on independent film industry held at Supreme Council of Culture

14 Nov 2014
A seminar on the independent film industry was held under the title "Free Cinema" at the Supreme Council of Culture Wednesday as part of the activities of the Cairo International Film Festival. The seminar addressed the most...

Actor Tom Hanks to publish collection of stories

Actor Tom Hanks speaks at the 64th Annual ACE Eddie Awards in Beverly Hills, California, 7 February 2014.
04 Nov 2014
Actor Tom Hanks will publish a book of stories linked to his collection of typewriters, publisher Alfred A. Knopf said on Monday.   The book, which will include photographs, is still untitled and no publication date has been set....

Former President Abdel Nasser featured within Le Monde’s 70th anniversary

President Gamal Abdel Nasser 
03 Nov 2014
The French Le Monde newspaper will issue on 27 November a series of books entitled ‘Le Monde Third Millennium’ sketching 20 public figures who played great roles in changing the world on the 70th anniversary of the newspaper...

Inspiration for Harry Potter nemesis Umbridge revealed on website

Author J.K. Rowling hosts a special family fundraising evening in aid of her children's charity, Lumos, at the ''Warner Bros. Studio - The Making of Harry Potter in Hertfordfshire'' in London, 9 November 2013.
02 Nov 2014
As a Halloween treat for her fans, J.K. Rowling has revealed that the much-hated character Dolores Umbridge from her "Harry Potter" stories is based on a teacher to whom she took an instant dislike - but whose name she has not...

Book fair to be postponed for three days until revolution anniversary is over

27 Oct 2014
Egyptian General Book Authority Chief Ahmed Megahed has announced postponing the 46th session of Cairo International Book Fair for three days to be held on 28 January instead of 25 January 2015, until end of the fourth anniversary of the...

Lotus Abdel Kerim and the value of beauty in art and life

22 Oct 2014
When the refined Lotus Abdel Kerim regrettably gave me her lavishly elegant book “Journey in Search of Myself: Story of a Life” I felt bad because it is nearly seven hundred pages, which takes a long time to read, and because...

Author Sherif Lotfy: inspired by cinema and popular storytelling

16 Oct 2014
Sherif Lotfy is a young man who studied engineering, majoring in the economics of heritage. Then he entered the world of literature, issing his first novel last year and following it with a second novel that carried the strange title of...

New book at Cairo's book fair tackles atheism

25 Jan 2014
A new book by journalist Mounir Adib, a specialist in Islamic movements, was released under the title "Atheism: Between the Ideas of Atheists and their Migration."   The 185-page book penetrates the world of atheists, a...

Words behind bars: The first documentation of prison literature

19 Jan 2014
“Word behind bars,” written by Mounir Adib, is a unique book that allows readers to see the underside of a subculture of people that differ from the general public perspective.   For years we have studied the leaders...