New novel on France's first Muslim government stirs outcry

AFP/File / by Myriam Chaplain Riou | French writer Michel Houellebeck poses on November 5, 2014 during his photo exhibition "Before Landing" at the Pavillon Carre de Baudouin in Paris
18 Dec 2014
His new book has not even been released but Michel Houellebecq -- one of France's most provocative and widely translated writers -- is already attracting comment with his latest novel "Submission" in which he imagines a...

On the thresholds of paradise

On the thresholds of paradise
15 Dec 2014
A lioness slowly approaches a rhino in the jungle. They both examine each other. The rhino tries to hit the lioness with his strong horn, but she evades the blow skillfully. Then come the wild cats. The rhino panics. They start maneuvering...

New book traces artillery history under Ottomans, Mamluks

as portrayed in the painting on the cover of  “The Incident between Sultan Selim and Sultan Ghauri” by Abd El Aziz Gamal
05 Dec 2014
The cover of a new book entitled “The Incident of Sultan Selim and Sultan Al-Ghauri” by Egyptian historical researcher Abdel Aziz Gamal Eddin shows an Ottoman army formation blasting cannons in battle.   “The...

Novelist Radwa Ashour dies leaving a mark in literary realm

Novelist Radwa Ashour in an interview with Al-Masry Al-Youm in 14 June 2009
01 Dec 2014
Egyptian prominent novelist and academic Radwa Ashour passed away last night after suffering from a decades-old battle with health complications.   Ashour is perceived as one of the most influential writers in Arab region leaving...

Russia plans alternative version of 'Wikipedia'

Wikipedia webpage in use on a laptop computer is seen in this photo illustration taken in Washington
29 Nov 2014
   Russia plans to create its own "Wikipedia" to ensure its citizens have access to more "detailed and reliable" information about their country, the presidential library said on Friday. Citing Western...

US best selling books list

A pile of books
27 Nov 2014
David Baldacci's newest thriller, "The Escape," made the US best-seller list on Wednesday, knocking Stephen King's "Revival" from the No. 1 spot.   Data from independent and chain bookstores, book...

Book review: Explosive belt from the ‘American Neighborhood’

25 Nov 2014
The American Neighborhood is one of the old slums in the city of Tripoli in the northern part of the beloved Lebanon. It was named so when the fearful Air Force Intelligence took the crumbling and evacuated building of the Evangelical...

Iraqi poet facing literature burning call gains campaign backing

Campaign backing Iraqi poet Saady Youssef
20 Nov 2014
Supporters of Iraqi poet Saady Youssef have launched a campaign to defend him after fellow Iraqi intellectuals called to burn his works over his alleged insults of Iraq's southern population.   "The controversy,...

Seminar held on independent film industry held at Supreme Council of Culture

14 Nov 2014
A seminar on the independent film industry was held under the title "Free Cinema" at the Supreme Council of Culture Wednesday as part of the activities of the Cairo International Film Festival. The seminar addressed the most...

Actor Tom Hanks to publish collection of stories

Actor Tom Hanks speaks at the 64th Annual ACE Eddie Awards in Beverly Hills, California, 7 February 2014.
04 Nov 2014
Actor Tom Hanks will publish a book of stories linked to his collection of typewriters, publisher Alfred A. Knopf said on Monday.   The book, which will include photographs, is still untitled and no publication date has been set....