Environment features

RecycloBekia, giving new life to unwanted electronics in Egypt

Photo credit: Recyclopedia own design
03 Nov 2013
A new cultural, entrepeneurial company is looking to spread its way across Egypt with a single idea: thinking before putting your computers, cell phones, or televisions - no longer of any value - into storage or onto the rubbish tip....

Final Issue: For a new generation of physicists, change was unwelcome

25 Apr 2013
This piece was written for Egypt Independent’s final weekly print edition, which was banned from going to press. We offer you our 50th and final edition here. The events depicted in this article are inspired by various real...

Final Issue: In Egypt, environmental journalists are endangered species

25 Apr 2013
This piece was written for Egypt Independent's final weekly print edition, which was banned from going to press. We offer you our 50th and final edition here. Two months before word about Egypt Independent’s potential closure...

Meet Egypt’s 14 year old genius and computer programmer Mahmoud Wael

24 Apr 2013
He was sponsored by Microsoft to complete a series of certificates in computer programming. He is one of the youngest people on the planet qualified to instruct university graduates in the programming language C++. And he is only 14. But...

Long-term global cooling ended in 19th century: study

23 Apr 2013
  A global long-term cooling trend ended late in the 19th century and was followed decades later by the warmest temperatures in nearly 1,400 years, a sweeping study of temperature change showed. The study, by a consortium of 78...

On Egypt's unique assortment of birds, mammals, reptiles and fish

22 Apr 2013
To illustrate and provide scientific information about Egypt’s rich biodiversity and animals, the American University in Cairo Press recently published a series of nature foldouts. The foldouts, titled “Egypt’s Flora and...

Air pollution indoors and outdoors high, threaten health and environment

21 Apr 2013
The average Cairene inhales more than 20 times the acceptable level of air pollution every day, according to the World Health Organization. That means that every Cairo resident’s daily air pollution intake is akin to smoking a pack...

Cairo Climate Talks: Climate change hits nation's poor the hardest

18 Apr 2013
Cairo Climate Talks held its 15th panel discussion on Wednesday night, focusing on how Egypt should address the consequences of climate change, particularly in regards to poor urban populations and those living in informal housing. The...

Farmers say Egypt's wheat crop hopes are 'a dream'

16 Apr 2013
Egypt's Islamist-led government must be dreaming if it expects a bumper wheat harvest over the next six weeks that will save the country billions of dollars in imports, says farmer Farid Boshra Abdel Malek. "How can they expect...

OpenOil archive to promote oil and gas industry transparency

14 Apr 2013
Researching the oil and gas industry and the details of its practices in Egypt can be an extremely exhausting task. Reasons for this range from institutional corruption to scattered information that is difficult to locate and unclear...