Adapt or die: Arctic animals cope with climate change

01 Sep 2015
When it comes to coping with climate change in the Arctic region, which is warming at three times the global average, some animals are more equal than others.   Migrating Barnacle geese that fly north to lay eggs amid the Norwegian...

Beijing 'deploys monkeys and falcons for war parade'

31 Aug 2015
China's air force has called monkeys and falcons into service to ensure safe skies for a huge military parade this week to mark Japan's defeat in World War II, reports said.   Almost 200 aircraft will take part Thursday in...

Red Sea jellyfish 'invading' Mediterranean through Suez Canal

30 Aug 2015
Swarms of stinging jellyfish have invaded the beaches of Israel and the eastern Mediterranean, wrapping their painful tentacles around the limbs of unsuspecting bathers who ventured too far into the water.   The unwelcome visitors,...

How will climate change affect your livelihood?

29 Aug 2015
As the reality of global warming starts to hit home, people may ask: "How will it affect my livelihood?"   Well, that depends.   On your profession, your age, and exactly where you live, among other things.   Here...

Egypt signs agreement with China for renewable energy lab

Sisi and  Xi Jinping
26 Aug 2015
The China Electronics Technology Group has announced the signing of a cooperation agreement with Egypt to establish a renewable energy laboratory within the initiative of President Xi Jinping to build the economic belt of the Silk Road and...

Recycling -- fashion world's antidote to environmental concerns

Shoppers look over merchandise at Hennes & Mauritz (H&M) store in Peru, at the Jockey Plaza mall in Lima, July 21, 2015.
25 Aug 2015
Hennes & Mauritz, the world's second-biggest fashion retailer, is launching a new effort to promote recycling as it seeks to cut its environmental impact, boost its ethical credentials and address looming shortages of raw materials...

US probes deaths of 30 whales along southern Alaska coast

23 Aug 2015
US marine biologists have launched an investigation into the mass die-off of 30 whales found washed ashore along Alaska's southern coast this summer, nearly three times the region's average for this time of year, a federal official...

95.4% of merchants dilute pesticides

19 Aug 2015
A study prepared by the pesticides' committee of the Agriculture Ministry proved that 95.4 percent of pesticides are spoiled because merchants dilute them, unaware of the negative impact this may have on people's health, as well as...

Endangered Philippine eagle shot dead three years after rescue

A close-up detail shows Michelangelo's statue of David at Accademia museum Florence September 8, 2004.
19 Aug 2015
A rare giant Philippine eagle has been shot dead two months after being released back into the wild following treatment for another shooting, in a blow to efforts to save the species from extinction, conservationists said Wednesday....

Study: Plant from 130 million years ago is among 'first flowers'

Indiana University/AFP | This image obtained August 17, 2015 shows what Indiana University paleobotanist David Dilcher and colleagues in Europe have identified as a 125 million- to 130 million-year-old freshwater plant
18 Aug 2015
An ancient plant that grew underwater in what is modern day Europe, had no petals and bore one single seed may have been the world's first known flowering plant, a study said Monday.   More than 1,000 fossils of the plant, called...