Dolphin found dead on coast of south Sinai protectorate

05 Apr 2017
A dolphin was found dead on coast of Abu Galum protectorate, located in the gulf of Aqaba. Weighing about 1 ton and reaching 5 feet in length, the Environment Ministry dubbed it one of the biggest dolphins in the world and compared...

China says committed to Paris accord as Trump undoes US climate policy

30 Mar 2017
China is still committed to the Paris climate change accord agreed in 2015, the Foreign Ministry said on Wednesday, after US President Donald Trump signed an order to dismantle Obama-era climate change regulations. Trump's main target...

Siwa to be announced as global center for medical and environmental tourism

29 Mar 2017
The Siwa Oasis Medical Tourism Conference will be launched on Wednesday, in coordination with the University of Alexandria, to announce Siwa as a global center for medical and environmental tourism, announced Governor of Matruh Maj. Gen....

Egypt may face fresh water shortage by 2025

Kids wait to fill jerrycans with fresh water
28 Mar 2017
The ongoing reduction in Egypt’s Nile fresh water may subject the country to fresh water and energy shortages by 2025, according to a report published in the Geological Society of America’s (GSA) March issue. It...

Egypt to take part in Earth Hour Saturday

23 Mar 2017
Egypt has announced it will take part in the Earth Hour campaign on Saturday March 25 by turning off lights at archeological sites and touristic areas from 8:30pm to 9:30pm, in order to help spread awareness of the risks of climate change...

Stuttgart builds moss-covered wall to fight air pollution

22 Mar 2017
"Nitrogen dioxide has put our health at risk for decades." And for years, Maria Krautzberger, president of Germany's Federal Environment Agency (UBA) has pointed out the culprit: diesel car engines. Krautzberger would like to...

Growing algae bloom in Arabian Sea tied to climate change

15 Mar 2017
The Gulf of Oman turns green twice a year, when an algae bloom the size of Mexico spreads across the Arabian Sea all the way to India. Scientists who study the algae say the microscopic organisms are thriving in new conditions brought...

Rare shark whale Bahloul spotted in Marsa Alam

Whale shark
13 Mar 2017
Divers have spotted a whale shark, known as Bahloul, at the Abudiab area north of Marsa Alam for the first time since its last appearance in November 2016, the Red Sea Reserves announced.  Guidelines were published on how to deal with...

In race to curb climate change, cities outpace governments

Roy Hagen of German machinery maker Wacker Neuson shows an electric construction machinery near Oslo, Norway January 30, 2017 (Alister Doyle / Reuters). 
13 Mar 2017
Cities from Oslo to Sydney are setting goals to curb climate change that exceed national targets, causing tensions with central governments about who controls policy over green energy, and transport and construction. More than 2,500 cities...

In photos: Gezazy transforms glass waste into revamped home décor

Gezazy shop that turns glass waste into home decor
12 Mar 2017
"Entering their display area is like taking a step into the mind of an innovative genius. The stimulating ambiance of the shop feels like a museum of eccentric art," Radwa Saleh said the first time she visited Gezazy, a local eco...