Egyptian woman taking biogas to new level

Mona al-Khodeiry standing proudly next to one of the biogas units she helped building
23 Apr 2015
It all started as a dream to break Egyptian social taboo of restricting certain jobs for men only in Upper Egypt. The dream soon turned into a much bigger goal: to have a vital role in safeguarding the environment while creating employment...

Adidas to use marine plastic waste in products from 2016

Adidas logo
20 Apr 2015
German sportswear firm Adidas is teaming up with a group trying to clean up the world's oceans with a strategy to develop materials made from marine plastic waste that can be utilised in its solutions. As the outcome of its partnership...

Climate change may cause Egypt US$50 bn a year by 2060

16 Apr 2015
The Arab Water Council discussed the results of some of the social and economic studies on the impact of climate change on Egypt, which could cause a loss up to US$50 billion a year by 2060, up to about 6 percent of the gross national...

Japan says to try again with 'scientific' whaling program

14 Apr 2015
Japan's top whaling negotiator said Tuesday Tokyo would try again to justify its "scientific" Antarctic Ocean hunt after a panel of experts said the government had not proved why it needed to kill the mammals.   Joji...

Warming seas may spell end to Britain's fish and chips

Warming seas may spell the end to traditional British food favourites such as haddock and chips
14 Apr 2015
Warming seas may spell the end to traditional British food favorites such as haddock and chips, researchers said on Monday.   Haddock, plaice and lemon sole are to decline in numbers as the North Sea warms by a predicted 1.8 degrees...

Migrating storks cover sky over Red Sea on way to Europe

Swarms of white stork covering the sky over Red Sea on way to Europe
07 Apr 2015
As spring comes and temperatures start to rise in Africa, flocks of white storks are seen blanketing the sky along the Red Sea coast, coming from southern and central Africa and heading to central and southern Europe.   Researchers at...

Researcher: Red Sea 40 million years old

01 Apr 2015
The age of the Red Sea is between 25 and 40 million years old, said general manager of the research and archaeological studies in Sinai and Lower Egypt Abdel Rahim Rihan.    The Red Sea is part of a split or crack in a groove in...

Executive regulations of coal usage presents to Cabinet

Labourers pile up coal at a coal field on the outskirts of Hyderabad, southern India, on September 5, 2012 (AFP/File, Noah Seelam)
25 Mar 2015
Egypt’s Ministry of Justice and Ministry of State for Environmental Affairs have finished revising the executive regulations for the industrial use of coal as an energy source, the minister of environment Khaled Fahmy said on ...

World Bank chief: Tackling disasters vital to end poverty

14 Mar 2015
In the past 30 years, the world has lost more than 2.5 million people and almost US$4 trillion because of natural disasters, the president of the World Bank said on Friday as governments prepare to adopt a new global plan to reduce...

More eco-friendly economy saves Egypt 30% in power consumption

© AFP/File / by Wissam Keyrouz | Falling oil prices hinder global efforts to develop renewable energy sources, experts warned on January 17 at a conference in Abu Dhabi
08 Mar 2015
Enhancing energy efficiency could save Egypt 30 percent (33 billion KW) of electricity consumption, according to a United Nations Environment Programme study.   Egypt has already installed 225 MW of wind energy capacity with the...