Environment news

EU set to allow car emissions into carbon trading market

24 Oct 2014
The European Union is set to make it easier to bring road transport emissions into the carbon trading market, a move that critics say could empower carmakers to push back against more effective curbs on greenhouse gases. EU leaders will...

US First Solar to invest in Egypt by next year, executive director says

22 Oct 2014
The US company, First Solar, is looking into operating in Egypt by next year, Middle East Executive Director Ahmed Nada said. He added that the company is considered one of the largest companies in the world in the field of solar energy...

Minister: Egypt receives 3 international offers worth US$5 bn to set up coal power plants

21 Oct 2014
The ministry of electricity received three offers from Chinese, American and German companies to generate electricity from coal with a capacity of 3000 MW and investments worth US$5 billion, according to minister of electricity Mohamed...

Saturn moon may have 'life-friendly' underground ocean: scientists

17 Oct 2014
Saturn’s battered moon Mimas may have a thin global ocean buried miles beneath its icy surface, raising the prospect of another "life-friendly" habitat in the solar system, scientists said on Thursday. An underground ocean...

Climate summit: Businesses go green, little faith in UN climate plan

UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon speaks during the Climate Summit at the UN headquarters in New York, 23 September 2014.
16 Oct 2014
Uncertainties about long-term curbs on greenhouse gas emissions meant to be agreed at a UN summit in 2015 will not deter many big businesses from green investment because they say it already makes economic sense.   Customer demand for...

Misr Beni Suef Cement to build coal mill

Labourers pile up coal at a coal field on the outskirts of Hyderabad, southern India, on September 5, 2012 (AFP/File, Noah Seelam)
16 Oct 2014
Misr Beni Suef Cement announced on Wednesday, it reached an agreement to build a coal mill worth LE200 million in 12 months, according to a company statement.   "This project funding will be through self-financing and loans,...

Egypt participates in Partnership for Action on Green Economy conference

12 Mar 2014
The Egyptian Ministry of Environment is participating in the First World Conference on Partnership for Action on Green Economy in Dubai.   The conference is launching an initiative by 30 countries seeking to shift to a green economy...

Cement plants to start using coal September 2014

Trade and Industry Minister Mounir Fakhry Abdel Nour 
11 Mar 2014
The cabinet has directed the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Investment to study the use of coal in cement plants, expecting that by September 2014, cement plants in Egypt will start using coal after meeting all necessary environmental...

Egypt participates in regional environmental conservation meeting

26 Feb 2014
A senior Egyptian delegation is participating in the sixteenth meeting of the Regional Organization for the Conservation of the Environment of the Red Sea and the Gulf of Aden in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia from 26 to 28 February.   The...

Egypt farmers fear water supply threat from Ethiopia dam

12 Nov 2013
With an economy already in tatters, Egypt's farmers fear the building of an upstream Nile dam in Ethiopia could lead to water shortages and crop failures with catastrophic effects on their livelihood. "We don't want this dam,...