Environment news

Egypt participates in Partnership for Action on Green Economy conference

12 Mar 2014
The Egyptian Ministry of Environment is participating in the First World Conference on Partnership for Action on Green Economy in Dubai.   The conference is launching an initiative by 30 countries seeking to shift to a green economy...

Cement plants to start using coal September 2014

Trade and Industry Minister Mounir Fakhry Abdel Nour 
11 Mar 2014
The cabinet has directed the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Investment to study the use of coal in cement plants, expecting that by September 2014, cement plants in Egypt will start using coal after meeting all necessary environmental...

Egypt participates in regional environmental conservation meeting

26 Feb 2014
A senior Egyptian delegation is participating in the sixteenth meeting of the Regional Organization for the Conservation of the Environment of the Red Sea and the Gulf of Aden in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia from 26 to 28 February.   The...

Egypt farmers fear water supply threat from Ethiopia dam

12 Nov 2013
With an economy already in tatters, Egypt's farmers fear the building of an upstream Nile dam in Ethiopia could lead to water shortages and crop failures with catastrophic effects on their livelihood. "We don't want this dam,...

Greenhouse gas in atmosphere hits new record: UN

06 Nov 2013
The amount of greenhouse gases in Earth's atmosphere hit a new record high in 2012, continuing an ever-faster rise that is driving climate change, the UN weather agency said Wednesday. "The concentrations are reaching once again...

Local garbage collection to replace foreign companies

18 Sep 2013
Ghada Wali, secretary general of the Social Fund, said on Wednesday the fund is studying with the Ministry of Environment and the Cairo and Alexandria governorates the granting of low-interest credit facilities to local garbage...

UAE funds new solar power station in Siwa

04 Sep 2013
A solar power plant projected to produce 20 megawatts of electricity will be funded with LE1 million Emirati fund to service the people of Siwa, said Matrouh governor Badr Tantawy on Wednesday.   The governor expressed his gratitude...

New garbage system relies on collectors, says minister

13 Aug 2013
Minister of State for Environmental Affairs Laila Iskandar has said that the new solid waste management system, set to be adopted by the ministry, relies entirely on garbage collectors. “We aim for garbage-free streets,” she...

Irrigation Ministry: Prevent rice cultivation in deserts

24 Apr 2013
Water Resources and Irrigation Minister Mohamed Bahaa Eddin has called for the prohibition of rice cultivation in desert lands, which is already forbidden by law, so as to reduce overdraft of water from aquifers. “The groundwater...

Scientists find Antarctic ice is melting faster

15 Apr 2013
The summer ice melt in parts of Antartica is at its highest level in 1,000 years, Australian and British researchers reported on Monday, adding new evidence of the impact of global warming on sensitive Antarctic glaciers and ice shelves....