Is popcorn healthy?

06 Jan 2017
Whether popcorn is "healthy" depends how you eat it. In its purest form -- that is, plain air-popped kernels -- it's a healthy, whole-grain, antioxidant-rich snack food that comes at a pretty low-calorie cost for those who...

What to eat before, during and after a workout

Those used to sedentary lifestyles are better off picking endurance-based activities, such as cycling, Nordic walking, dance or aqua cycling. -Filepix

06 Jan 2017
Scientists have long known that what you eat before, during and after you exercise can make or break a workout and possibly affect your fitness results. So what do nutritionists recommend to munch on? It turns out that quality...

Haute cuisine? Santa serves up sleigh-borne dinner in the sky

Santa in the sky
01 Dec 2016
Not waiting at home for Santa Claus anymore, gourmets in Brussels are flying off aboard his sleigh to dine with him above the city's rooftops and twinkling Christmas lights. "Santa in the Sky" is the new twist on the Belgian...

Healthy breakfast guide

Healthy breakfast
07 Nov 2016
Some people just don't feel hungry first thing in the morning, while others don't have time to sit down and eat. To avoid disrupting the day's food intake by skipping the meal entirely, nutritionist Raphaël Gruman recommends...

Starbucks set to reintroduce its red cups

Starbucks operates more than 22,000 cafes worldwide. – Reuters pic, March 4, 2016. 
05 Nov 2016
The red-colored cups traditionally rolled out by Starbucks during the end-of-year holiday season are to return from November 10.   Red is associated with Christmas celebrations but, as the US elections approach on November 8,...

100 books for a lifetime of cooking and drinking

100 books for a lifetime of cooking and drinking
19 Oct 2016
Chef Traci Des Jardins' most treasured cookbook is a battle-worn copy of "The Joy of Cooking." San Francisco-based Des Jardins started cooking and baking with her mother by the time she was 3, and her mother rebound her...

Ziet Zeitoun: Home-cooked cuisine that empowers Syrian women

16 Oct 2016
The Arab Spring in 2011 was a hurricane of political change across the region and its aftermath continues to be felt by millions, including in war-torn Syria. Hundreds of thousands of Syrians displaced from their homeland have migrated to...

How to satisfy your street-food craving... off the street

While walking along road 9 a quaint street in maadi, you will find kazouza a cozy modest restaurant with a comfortable outdoor area; the restaurant has gorgeous accessories and decorations of old Coca-Cola print adverts during the 90s and some caps were fixed along the walls.Everything is unique, the tables, the salt and peper shakers and the receipt box which is in the shape of old pepsi caps.
14 Oct 2016
The longing for authentic Egyptian street food can sometimes be overwhelming. Just passing by a sandwich cart can be mouthwatering experience — with the rich aromas wafting your way, evoking the mouthwatering juices of kebda and...

How Japan went crazy for KitKats

Rainbow of flavors: Japan's KitKat kaleidoscope.


20 Sep 2016
A freshly made white chocolate and raspberry mix is carefully poured into a piping bag by chef Yasumasa Takagi, one of Japan's foremost patissiers. After snipping the end of the bag, he squeezes the delicious pink paste into a tray of...

Rock the fattah: Eid meat treats from near and far

12 Sep 2016
So Eid al-Adha has arrived once more, along with the many animals prepared for slaughter and the resulting abundance of meat. Egyptians have come to know the feast as a time for families to gather round the dining table, plates piled with...