CNN: Where to dine in 2016 - 10 of the world's best new restaurants

19 Jan 2016
Restaurant fans around the world have plenty to make their mouth water this year, with new dining destinations emerging at an astonishing rate.   Menus have never been so diverse, or indeed bizarre -- ants and kangaroo tails are on...

CNN: Big Mac with a side of quinoa? Inside the world's first McDonald's Next

A McDonald's logo is seen at one of the chain's restaurants in San Francisco, California, May 6, 2015.
17 Jan 2016
McDonald's has always been about consistency, speed and budget pricing.   Its Golden Arches can be neon beacons of hope in a strange land -- a place where you know you'll always get the exact burger and fries you are looking...

CNN:The 'hawkerpreneurs' keeping Singapore's street foods alive

Those who finish the Drop-Dead Donkatsu inside 20 minutes get their face on the Wall of Fame. 
02 Jan 2016
Douglas Ng, 24, is a rare fresh-faced "hawkerpreneur" at Golden Mile Food Centre, a hawker center in Singapore.   The owner/chef of Fishball Story, Ng arrives to work during the dark hours of the morning to prep for the day...

Belgian chocolatier goes 'bean-to-bar' for best taste

Chocolates topped with sunflower seeds are displayed during the 2nd Chocolate Fair in Barcelona in this October 21, 2006 .
29 Dec 2015
When it comes to cocoa beans, it turns out there are vintages just like there are for fine wines, says Belgian chocolate maker Benoit Nihant.   In a country where chocolate is a source of national pride, Nihant is one of around a...

CNN: 3 perfect meals - New York City

The Manhattan skyline may soon be altered by a new generation of New York skyscrapers. 
15 Dec 2015
Eating breadsticks in a Times Square chain restaurant has a time and a place.   But for many visitors to New York -- those who travel for pleasure and culture -- sampling the thousands of eating and drinking establishments in New York...

Nothing less than perfection is on the menu for the Nobel banquet

Nobel Prize: A golden medallion with an embossed image of Alfred Nobel facing left in profile.
11 Dec 2015
In a shiny new kitchen beneath Stockholm's city hall, more than 40 chefs are peeling, scooping, molding and baking local ingredients late into the night to feed an army of the world's great and gifted. The Nobel Banquet is held...

Russian sculptor creates chocolate sculpture of Putin

Chocolate in the form of Russian President Vladimir Putin is displayed at Lviv Chocolate Studio in Lviv May 15, 2014. The store produces and sells handmade chocolate moulded to resemble the Russian president dressed in the outfit of a prisoner. Each piece costs around $6. 
05 Dec 2015
Russian artist Nikita Gusev has created a life-size sculpture of  President Vladimir Putin made entirely of chocolate.   Gusev used 70 kilos (154 lbs) of chocolate to make the sculpture that was commissioned by and will be the...

CNN: What does the world's most expensive meat taste like?

O'Brien Meats in Taylor, Texas, supplies high-quality beef to Snow's BBQ.
04 Dec 2015
"Would you prefer the 2000 or 2003 vintage?"   A standard question if you're deciding on wine in a fine restaurant — but unheard of if it's beef you're ordering.   That's because only one butcher...

Noodle restaurant wins Michelin star as Tokyo keeps gourmet crown

02 Dec 2015
A restaurant featuring ramen, a humble Japanese noodle dish, took its place among the more exalted gourmet restaurants as Tokyo kept its crown as the Michelin guide's dining capital of the world for the ninth straight year on Tuesday...

CNN: Italy for eaters - 9 destinations that'll destroy your waistline

21 Nov 2015
Movie legend has it that when Robert De Niro needed to gain more than 27 kilograms to play an aging Jake LaMotta in "Raging Bull," he called on a country he knew could help.   Italy.   OK, France also lent a hand, but...