Simply Potatoes: Serving with tongue-twisting taste

04 Jun 2014
Tucked away in a corner off Brazil Street in Zamalek, a deliciously inviting smell wafted from a takeout spot, serving potatoes and only potatoes.    I could not resist taking a glimpse inside.   Simply Potatoes is a small...

Unemployment around the corner for street food salesman

Shika Zalabyano
18 Aug 2013
Just around the corner of the 26 July Street, Ayman Gamal stands with his colourful cart hoping to attract customers in the heart of the Egyptian capital. Standing by his stall, you can hear the sounds of the delicious golden-coloured...

Delano disappointment

12 Apr 2013
The white walls, the Picasso prints and the faux crystal appliques give Delano an air of trendy class and elegance. Upon entering the Zamalek restaurant, one automatically picks up on the red couches and the art deco chairs, both...

Though part-Egyptian, chef Bobby Chinn avoids local cuisine in the kitchen

07 Apr 2013
Celebrity chef Bobby Chinn — the popular Asian-fusion food entrepreneur, writer and TV personality — made his start redesigning Vietnamese dishes at his two world-renowned restaurants in Vietnam, but is adamantly averse to...

Just sip and relax: Koy Lounge & Restaurant offers chill atmosphere — and drinks

03 Apr 2013
If you are looking for a comfortable space to relax and perhaps watch a game, Koy Lounge & Restaurant may be just the place. Koy’s contemporary interiors provide a fresh and welcoming air while the high ceiling adds a pleasant...

Taste of Zamalek: A Saturday picnic at the Aquarium Grotto Garden

23 Mar 2013
On Saturday, as I was trying to get through my usual weekend rituals, I noticed that Zamalek had come to a complete standstill. As we approached the Aquarium Grotto Garden, I saw that groups of people of all ages were gathered to explore...

Cart food, off the cart: Nicely packaged street food makes it to Mohandiseen

14 Mar 2013
In an attempt to catch up with its trendy neighboring district, Zamalek, Mohandiseen has recently welcomed its first “street food” takeout restaurant, Kebda wa Sogo’e. The small eatery on Gamet al-Dewal Street caters to...

Chocolate for Cairo: One city, two women, 60 chocolates

10 Mar 2013
Purchasing chocolate is not an easy task. While it may take you seconds to pick a candy bar at the kiosk, picking a good chocolate from a chocolatier, especially in a country that is not well-known for its fine chocolate, can require some...

Syrians find refuge in food, bringing cuisine to Egypt

27 Feb 2013
At first glance, Al-Shami Shawerma could be just another Egyptianized Syrian sandwich shop catering to the lunch rush around Hosary Square in the 6th of October settlement in Giza. But the Syrian dialect of this new restaurant’s...

Keeping kesra in Cairo: Attaba’s Al-Khartoum serves up popular Sudanese cuisine

13 Feb 2013
When Saleh al-Bashir, now 76, moved to Cairo in 1985, there was no kesra, or traditional Sudanese bread, to be found. So after two years, missing the sour taste of this Sudanese staple, he began to bake his own bread, just as his mother...