CNN: Italy for eaters - 9 destinations that'll destroy your waistline

21 Nov 2015
Movie legend has it that when Robert De Niro needed to gain more than 27 kilograms to play an aging Jake LaMotta in "Raging Bull," he called on a country he knew could help.   Italy.   OK, France also lent a hand, but...

CNN: China's most beautiful bookshop ... is in a parking lot

Originally a theater, El Ateneo, in Argentina, was converted into a cinema and then a bookstore.
20 Nov 2015
No glamorous chandeliers, no extravagant facade — to find the most beautiful bookshop in China, travelers just have to follow the yellow-striped road to an underground parking lot.   Before Librairie Avant-Garde owner Qian...

CNN: Thomasina Miers - How Mexican food changed my life

Thomasina Miers runs Wahaca, a successful chain of mid-market restaurants offering a menu inspired by Mexican street food.
15 Nov 2015
When Thomasina Miers traveled to Mexico, she brought back home to Britain a souvenir that completely changed her life.   And it wasn't a snow globe.   Instead, Miers brought back an entire cuisine.   What's more...

Turkey's best kebab restaurants

Offering delectable mezes like patlican salatasi (eggplant salad), saksuka (fried eggplant with tomatoes) and haydari (a yogurt-based dish with garlic), this down-to-earth venue steals the show with its juicy and tender kebabs. 
09 Nov 2015
Put any kind of meat on a stick and roast it over a flame and it immediately becomes food fit for gods.   No country understands this sacred rule of seared meat like Turkey.   Turkish kebabs are the incarnation of the meat lover...

Toilet themed cafe opens in Moscow

A toilet-themed cafe has opened its doors to the public in Moscow with furniture and tableware dedicated to all things lavatorial. The Crazy Toilet Cafe delivers just what the name promises - toilet-themed food in lavatory and urinal shaped bowls.
09 Nov 2015
A somewhat unusual cafe has opened its doors in Moscow, where visitors can dine among furniture and crockery dedicated to all things lavatorial.   With lavatory and urinal shaped bowls and toilet seats as chairs, The Crazy Toilet Cafe...

America's most popular sandwiches

Tuesday is National Sandwich Day and a good excuse to celebrate tasty creations stuffed between slices of bread. Here's a brief look at some of America's favorite sandwiches. 
04 Nov 2015
White or wheat? Mayo or mustard? Hero or gyro?   However you slice it -- and there are a million ways -- almost everyone has a favorite sandwich.   The origins of the hands-on meal date back centuries, but it was popularized in...

World's 11 best vegetarian destinations

vegetable soup
31 Oct 2015
"No! Not bacon!"   It was the collective cry heard around the planet this week when the World Health Organization released its latest report on the carcinogenicity of processed and red meats.   With the group saying...

Rice off the menu: Asia's hunger for bread and pastries boosts wheat demand

19 Oct 2015
Asia is losing some of its appetite for rice in favor of wheat, a trend that is nowhere more pronounced than South Korea where bread and pastries have become a new staple.   From working mothers, who find toast more convenient to...

9 foods every visitor to Peru should try

Those who finish the Drop-Dead Donkatsu inside 20 minutes get their face on the Wall of Fame. 
17 Oct 2015
It's been influencing global cuisine for centuries, but Peru's culinary scene is finally getting the attention it deserves.   And for foodies, it's a destination worth checking out.   Since pre-Columbian times,...

5 breakfast ideas to get you out of bed in the morning

The first intelligent and connected plate that can identify and analyse the food in your plate to determine its caloric value
14 Oct 2015
How do you like your eggs in the morning? Poached, fried, baked and boiled, according to #CNNFood's latest challenge.   We asked you to show us the food that gets you fueled up for the day ahead.   The result? A dazzling...