Carbs more harmful than saturated fats: study

Getty/AFP/File | Carbohydrates are associated with heightened levels of a fatty acid linked to increased risk for diabetes and heart disease, Ohio State University study shows
22 Nov 2014
Long-derided saturated fats -- associated with an array of health problems such as heart disease -- caught a break when research revealed their intake could be doubled or even nearly tripled without driving up their level in a person's...

Lebanese food scandal leaves bitter taste

AFP/File | A Lebanese chef wraps a chicken Shawarma sandwich at a restaurant in Jounieh
15 Nov 2014
Lebanon, a nation fiercely proud of its cuisine, has been left with a case of severe indigestion after a scandal over restaurants and supermarkets selling tainted food. Health Minister Wael Abu Faour has won plaudits but also faced harsh...

Fast food targeting kids in middle class and rural areas in US

AFP/File | French fries are prepared in a fryer in Washington, DC on February 25, 2014
15 Nov 2014
Fast-food restaurants in the United States are "disproportionately" targeting black children and kids in middle-income and rural areas, according to a newly published study. Researchers at Arizona State University and University...

Egypt present at Dubai’s world chefs contest

Luncheon meat
01 Nov 2014
A portrait of a dark Nubian girl drawn with grilled rice, sesame and flour is one of many introduced by chef Samy Fayez, a member of the Egyptian team contesting in the second tournament of Dubai World Hospitality Championship.   This...

In France, kebabs get wrapped up in identity politics

A man prepares a kebab in a fast-food restaurant in Marseille, 9 October 2014. 
30 Oct 2014
In a country whose national identity is so closely connected to its cuisine, France's hard right has seized on a growing appetite for kebabs as proof of cultural "Islamisation."   Four kebab houses opened last month in...

Simply Potatoes: Serving with tongue-twisting taste

04 Jun 2014
Tucked away in a corner off Brazil Street in Zamalek, a deliciously inviting smell wafted from a takeout spot, serving potatoes and only potatoes.    I could not resist taking a glimpse inside.   Simply Potatoes is a small...

Unemployment around the corner for street food salesman

Shika Zalabyano
18 Aug 2013
Just around the corner of the 26 July Street, Ayman Gamal stands with his colourful cart hoping to attract customers in the heart of the Egyptian capital. Standing by his stall, you can hear the sounds of the delicious golden-coloured...

Delano disappointment

12 Apr 2013
The white walls, the Picasso prints and the faux crystal appliques give Delano an air of trendy class and elegance. Upon entering the Zamalek restaurant, one automatically picks up on the red couches and the art deco chairs, both...

Though part-Egyptian, chef Bobby Chinn avoids local cuisine in the kitchen

07 Apr 2013
Celebrity chef Bobby Chinn — the popular Asian-fusion food entrepreneur, writer and TV personality — made his start redesigning Vietnamese dishes at his two world-renowned restaurants in Vietnam, but is adamantly averse to...

Just sip and relax: Koy Lounge & Restaurant offers chill atmosphere — and drinks

03 Apr 2013
If you are looking for a comfortable space to relax and perhaps watch a game, Koy Lounge & Restaurant may be just the place. Koy’s contemporary interiors provide a fresh and welcoming air while the high ceiling adds a pleasant...