In shabby backstreets, diners find real taste of Cairo

Kaber Subhi in Cairo is a hit with adventurous diners despite its decrepit surroundings. 
01 Oct 2015
Through Cairo's narrow, bustling streets where laundry lines hang from shabby apartment blocks, the tantalizing smell of grilled kebabs lures patrons from across Cairo. Kaber Subhi, in the Egyptian capital’s northern suburb of...

McDonald's to offer first-ever organic burger, in Germany

A McDonald's logo is seen at one of the chain's restaurants in San Francisco, California, May 6, 2015.
26 Sep 2015
McDonald's Corp will offer its first-ever 100 percent organic beef hamburger for a limited time in Germany, as a growing number of global diners demand food that is more natural and less processed.   From October 1 to November 18...

11 best new restaurants in Singapore

Those who finish the Drop-Dead Donkatsu inside 20 minutes get their face on the Wall of Fame. 
19 Sep 2015
Eating out is serious business in Singapore.   According to Mastercard's 2014 survey on dining habits, Singaporeans spent an average of US$198 per month eating out, second only to Hong Kong's US$218.   New restaurants are...

Snacks too tempting for children to resist

A little girl eating sweets.
16 Sep 2015
Even in the absence of hunger, children as young as three won't refuse a calorie-laden snack, according to a new study from Queensland University of Technology. "Of the 37 children who took part in the study, all children...

And the world's greatest food city is ...

Those who finish the Drop-Dead Donkatsu inside 20 minutes get their face on the Wall of Fame. 
07 Sep 2015
According to New York-based Saveur magazine's latest Good Taste Awards, you're doing the right thing if you 1. eat vegetarian food in Berlin, 2. know za'atar is a Middle Eastern spice mix and 3. understand that the "zero-...

Could vegetarian school meals be a solution for secular France?

The first intelligent and connected plate that can identify and analyse the food in your plate to determine its caloric value
06 Sep 2015
To serve or not to serve pork in the canteens of France's secular state schools?   As a new school year begins, the divisive issue has once again come to the fore as mayors from three towns have banned non-pork options in canteens...

Meet Helene Darroze, world's best female chef

Helene Darroze, world's best female chef
05 Sep 2015
Courtesy of CNN Culinary Journeys   With two eponymous Michelin-starred restaurants in London and Paris, multiple awards including a Legion of Honor, as well as two adopted children to raise, you'd forgive Helene Darroze for...

The airport spiking food with 'happy hormones'

Menus feature meals such as citrus salmon salad. Gatwick called in the help of nutritionist Jo Travers to design the concept.
26 Aug 2015
Checking in at the airport can be a a dispiriting experience, especially when you factor in delays and long lines to get through security.   London's Gatwick Airport wants to help take the pain out of travel, and has a remedy in...

Holidaymakers, Marsa Matruh, and pumpkin seeds

26 Aug 2015
In Egypt, when mentioning your travels to the coastal city of Marsa Matruh, many will ask you to bring white pumpkin seeds back with you.    Holiday-makers in Marsa Matruh have long been keen to bring white pumpkin seeds...

Don't say we didn't warn you: 7 super-spicy Korean dishes

Those who finish the Drop-Dead Donkatsu inside 20 minutes get their face on the Wall of Fame. 
23 Aug 2015
Our mission: Find the spiciest, most lip-burning, tongue-scalding, stomach-scorching dish in Korea.   Why?   Strange as it might sound, for many Koreans spice is therapy.   There's something surprisingly cathartic about...