2.5 hours of exercise per week can slow decline in Parkinson’s disease

People exercise beside the Chao Phraya river in Bangkok 24 September 2014.
25 Mar 2017
A new study has found Parkinson’s patients who do 2.5 hours, or 150 minutes, of exercise a week can slow down the effects of the condition.   Parkinson’s disease (PD) is a progressive condition that often results in...

Who's happy, who's not: Norway tops list, US falls

20 Mar 2017
If you want to go to your happy place, you need more than cash. A winter coat helps — and a sense of community. A new report shows Norway is the happiest country on Earth, Americans are getting sadder, and it takes more than just...

Puppy love: therapy pooches bring peace of mind at Spanish psychiatric center

Miren Martinez, 49, pets Atila, a trained therapeutic greyhound used to treat patients with mental health issues and learning difficulties, at Benito Menni health facility in Elizondo, northern Spain, February 13, 2017 (Susana Vera / Reuters).

16 Mar 2017
Tucked away in Spain's Pyrenees mountains, patients at psychiatric facility Benito Menni stretch out across floor mats and stroke greyhound puppies Atila and Argi. Puppy love is part of the treatment for conditions such as...

Ben Affleck shares he's completed treatment for 'alcohol addiction'

15 Mar 2017
Ben Affleck has revealed he has completed treatment for alcohol addiction. The actor disclosed his treatment in a statement on his Facebook page on Tuesday.   "I have completed treatment for alcohol addiction;...

Stressed out? Try Cairo Laughers' kind of yoga that will make you giggle

Cairo Laughers is a new initiative of certified yoga leaders meeting in Azhar Park every Friday morning
01 Mar 2017
Laughing hysterically for absolutely no reason in public may be considered utterly bonkers, but pepper it up with some slow elongated breathes and it's called laughing yoga. You need to let your inner weirdo out; the technique is an...

Getting to bed on time requires self-control with the remote control

Effects of TV on children
18 Feb 2017
Setting a time to switch off the TV before bed can help viewers get to bed at an earlier time, possibly improving sleep patterns and quality, according to new research.   Although many previous studies have looked at the effect of...

Daily stress can negatively affect sleep, causing more stress the next day

snoring / sleeping
18 Feb 2017
New research has found that daily stressors may be a reason why you might not be sleeping well, and that the poor sleep they cause will also cause worse sleep the next day, creating a vicious cycle that can affect both individuals and...

How can Egyptians relieve the money stress from soaring prices?

Egyptian pound
28 Jan 2017
In the wake of the current unprecedented wave of price increases, Egyptians are faced with budget shortfalls, especially due to salaries that haven’t been increased for the last few years which cause stress, over thinking and...

Don’t want to die of cancer? Exercise this weekend

A group of young people performing stretching exercises after sunset.  
21 Jan 2017
People who exercise mainly on the weekends can reap big benefits for their health, including a significantly lower risk of dying from cancer and heart disease than people who don’t exercise at all, researchers say.   Currently,...

Shezlong: First online psychotherapy in MENA stirs controversy

18 Jan 2017
Software engineer Ahmed Abu el-Haz was going through a debilitating phase in his life after an operation. Being the dynamic and vibrant person he is, the surgeon’s instructions hit him hard: bed rest for three months.   He...