Sticking to the same sleeping routine is good for our health

Sleep 2
27 Nov 2015
If possible, it is better to go to bed and get up at the same time during the week and at the weekend, says a new US study which has established a link between changes to sleeping schedules and metabolic disorders.   Difficulty in...

Your kids can be stressed from having too many friends on Facebook

21 Nov 2015
According to a recent Canadian study, having more than 300 friends on Facebook can have a negative effect on a teenager’s level of the stress hormone cortisol.   However ‘liking’ on Facebook, and posting positive...

Coloring books become latest trend in Egypt to tackle stress, depression

Art therapist Susanne Fincher uses her own coloring books, Coloring Mandalas as ";homework" for patients to maintain continuity between their therapeutic visits.
19 Nov 2015
While Egypt continues to grapple with the past few years of political and social turmoil, for people affected by the ups and downs of conflict stress has become a norm affecting everyday life.    The number of people suffering...

CNN: 9 of the world's most unusual spas

A young girl practicing yoga on the beach.
16 Nov 2015
They say beauty is pain.   As it happens, so is finding Zen.   Some of the world's most unusual detox treatments can prove a little challenging.   With so many to choose from these days, spas have to come up with unique...

Can exercise, physical relaxation help with social anxiety?

Meditation while excercising yoga 
02 Nov 2015
Researchers at Queens University in Canada challenged the common association of yoga and other exercise-based relaxation activities with relief from tension, stress and anxiety, concluding they can be beneficial to those with social...

Lifting weights is the ideal sport for keeping your brain in good health

weight lfting
26 Oct 2015
A new study indicates that lifting weights twice a week helps to combat a decline in brain health, particularly in women.   A lot of past studies have explored the beneficial impact of physical activity such as running, walking, and...

Good news! We all love happy talk

A pile of books
23 Oct 2015
All human language favors positive words, according to researchers. This means psychologically we use more positive words than negative ones.    Researchers have discovered this when they conducted a study where they analyzed...

Oprah Winfrey to buy 10 percent stake in Weight Watchers

Oprah Winfrey arrives for the birthday dinner party of former president of South Africa Nelson Mandela at Hyde Park in London 
19 Oct 2015
Talk-show host and media magnate Oprah Winfrey is buying a 10 percent stake in Weight Watchers International Inc. in a vote of confidence for a company that is helping her and millions of others lose weight.   Shares of Weight...

A sun salutation a day may keep the doctor away

Meditation while excercising yoga 
16 Oct 2015
Training patients to practice deep relaxation techniques like yoga and meditation – long touted to ease stress and anxiety – may also lead them to make fewer doctor visits, a US study suggests. Researchers analyzed data on more...

Stress levels tied to sense of well-being for women

15 Oct 2015
French consumer tech firm Withings questioned 3,400 working women living in the United States, France and Germany about stress, work and well-being and found that physical activity was the most frequently used method to relieve stress,...