Quran does not predate Prophet Muhammed, Al-Azhar scholar says

Some fragments of the Koran have been discovered by the University of Birmingham; Radiocarbon dating found the manuscript to be at least 1,370 years old, making them believe it could be the oldest Quran in the history.
02 Sep 2015
The Daily Mail published an article on August 31 which discussed fragments of a recently discovered Quran scientists believe may predate the Prophet Muhammad but which Muslim scholars emphatically deny.   Two months ago, pages of...

Dallas airport to mark spot where LBJ was sworn in as president

U.S. Vice President Lyndon Baines Johnson (C) takes the presidential oath of office from Judge Sarah T. Hughes (2nd from L) as President John F. Kennedy's widow first lady Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy (2nd from R) stands at his side aboard Air Force One at Love Field in...
02 Sep 2015
Love Field airport in Dallas will install a brass plaque to mark the spot where Air Force One sat while Lyndon Johnson was sworn in on the plane as president after the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, officials said on Tuesday...

Mansoura Red Palace up for sale

31 Aug 2015
The owners of the Eskandar Palace in Mansoura have put the 3-storey palace up for sale, angering several intellectuals and those interested in antiquities in Mansoura who believe the building should be renovated and protected.   The...

Palmyra, the ancient pearl of Syria's desert

24 Aug 2015
Palmyra, the ancient Syrian city that has fallen to the Islamic State jihadist group, has withstood the last 2,000 years with its immaculate temples and colonnaded streets.   Listed as a UNESCO world heritage site, the "pearl of...

Remote Atlantic runway to open up Napoleon's hidden island

Napoleon Bonaparte in 10 dates

24 Aug 2015
Almost 200 years ago a British warship transported Napoleon Bonaparte to his exile on the island of St. Helena, a place from where it would be impossible for him to escape ever again.   Today, Bonaparte would probably find it almost...

WWII: how did Japan and Germany become global powerhouses?

 Production of Toyota's Crown model is launched at the company's plant in Toyota in Aichi prefecture, central Japan in January 1955
13 Aug 2015
Germany and Japan rose from the ashes of World War II to become global economic powerhouses in a few decades. But how did they achieve this remarkable feat so quickly, and what is the legacy of these parallel economic "miracles"...

Shakespeare's 'toad' Richard is Leicester's star draw

Members of the public line up to view the coffin of King Richard III at Leicester Cathedral, central England, in this March 25, 2015 file photo.
08 Aug 2015
Shakespeare portrayed King Richard III as a "poisonous bunch-backed toad" who was reduced to offering his kingdom for a horse before he was killed by the forces of Henry Tudor, crowned Henry VII soon after, at the Battle of...

Comparison between Suez Canal inauguration under Khedive Ismail, Sisi

07 Aug 2015
Egypt witnessed on Thursday, August 6, 2015, the inauguration ceremony of the new Suez Canal project, a year after the announcement of the project. The new project is an expansion to the main Suez Canal, which involved digging 37...

From Khedive Ismail to Sisi: 25 facts about Egypt's most famous yacht Al-Mahrousa

Al-Mahrousa royal yacht
05 Aug 2015
After 150 years of its first arrival at the port of Alexandria, President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi will sail on board the Al-Mahrousa royal yacht to announce the inauguration of the New Suez Canal, just as it was the first vessel to cross the...

Chiang statues become targets as Taiwan confronts history

by Benjamin Yeh | Chinese tourists visiting the late nationalist leader Chiang Kai-shek park in northern Taoyuan
02 Aug 2015
One has been beheaded, others defaced. Some are dressed in costumes by pranksters. Statues of Taiwan's former ruler Chiang Kai-shek have been increasingly targeted as the island confronts its authoritarian past.   Though still...