German archeologists discover statues of Sekhmet in Luxor

Facebook page showing Antiquities Minister Mamdouh al-Damaty inspecting two discovery of two granite statues of Sekhmet, Luxor, 22 February, 2015
24 Feb 2015
Antiquities Minister Mamdouh al-Damaty has announced the discovery of two black granite statues of Sekhmet, the Ancient Egyptian goddess of war and destruction, by a team of German archaeologists during excavations at the funerary temple...

Sun perpendicular on King Ramses’s face in Aswan

Abu Simbel temple, Aswan
22 Feb 2015
The sun shone directly onto the face of King Ramses II on Sunday, located in Abu Simbel temple in Aswan province.   More than 2,000 visitors, including 800 tourists along with 400 physically-handicapped, attended the event. Aswan...

4 common misconceptions about famous Egyptian landmarks

16 Feb 2015
A passion for history or the mere desire to explore on the weekend might push you to conduct a tour at the most famous Egyptian landmarks, which attract visitors from around the world including Pharaonic, Islamic and Christian sites, but...

Relief discovered in Taposiris Magna bearing same Rosetta Stone inscriptions

Taposiris Magna Relief
12 Feb 2015
The Supreme Council of Antiquities and the Catolica Santo Domingo University's joint excavation mission has found a limestone relief in the Taposiris Magna area on the northern coast of Egypt bearing the same hieroglyphic and Demotic...

University of Michigan hosts Egyptian artifacts exhibition

Artifacts illegally unearthed in Alexandria
10 Feb 2015
The University of Michigan's Kelsey Museum of Archaeology is bringing together artifacts from 1920s and 1930s excavations in Egypt for a new exhibition. "Death Dogs: The Jackal Gods of Ancient Egypt," is on display through...

American-Belgian archaeological mission turns King Cheops petroglyphic engravings into 3D inscriptions

10 Feb 2015
The Egyptian Antiquities Ministry said in a statement on Monday that an American-Belgian archaeological mission succeeded in converting the digital images of the petroglyphic engravings of King Cheops in the far southern desert of...

Radio: Algerian novelist Assia Djebar dead at 78

© AFP/File | File picture taken on June 22, 2006 shows Algerian writer Assia Djebar showing off her sword in the Academie Francaise library in Paris
07 Feb 2015
Novelist Assia Djebar, an ardent defender of women's rights in her native Algeria, has died aged 78, state radio said Saturday. The French-language author and filmmaker, who was seen as a contender for the Nobel literature prize in...

In multi-faith city, row rumbles over mosque-cathedral

© FILES/AFP/File / by Pablo Fernando | The locals of Spanish city of Cordoba are squabbling over its star tourist attraction: a cathedral that was once a mosque
06 Feb 2015
The Spanish city of Cordoba boasts that different faiths have long co-existed there, but locals are now squabbling over its star tourist attraction: a cathedral that was once a mosque. One of the most famous Islamic monuments in Europe,...

New mummies discovered floating on an irrigation canal in Upper Egypt

04 Feb 2015
Residents of Dier Mowass village in the Minya governorate were frightened to discover three wooden coffins floating on the surface of the Nassria sewage canal on Saturday. The Antiquities Ministry sent a committee to investigate. ...

Educational museum in Hurghada

04 Feb 2015
The Higher Institute for Tourism and Hotels in Hurghada has opened an educational museum that includes replicas of artifacts from the Pharaonic, Roman, Coptic and Islamic eras to train tourist guides.   Unlike in other museums, the...