Old 'khayamiya' craft endagered, says craftsman

11 May 2015
The wonderful, old ‘khayamiya’, the art of tent-making, is endangered. It’s most famous location is Khayamiya street, situated at the end of Moez Street, north of Bab Zuweila.   Regarding its origins and history in...

Explorers say pirate Captain Kidd's treasure found off Madagascar

Explorers find infamous pirate Captain Kidd's treasure in Madagascar

09 May 2015
A team of American explorers on Thursday claimed to have discovered silver treasure from the infamous 17th-century Scottish pirate William Kidd in a shipwreck off the coast of Madagascar.   Marine archaeologist Barry Clifford told...

Public figures demand government intervention to protect Riche cafe

Khedival Cairo was characterized by its wide streets and beautiful roundabouts that facilitated the flow through the city.
05 May 2015
Several intellectuals and politicians have requested the cultural Riche cafe be preserved and have urged the government to intervene and establish a legal entity to protect the place that has been serving culture and politics in Egypt for...

Antiquities Ministry to hold temporary exhibition on religions in Egypt at Egyptian Museum

05 May 2015
An exhibition entitled “One god and three religions… religious tolerance in the land of Nile” is currently being prepared by the Antiquities Ministry, to be held at the Egyptian Museum in Tahrir Square on May 14....

A century on, 103-year-old Armenian recalls rescue from mass killings

Silvard Atajyan, 103, sits at home during an interview with Reuters in Yerevan, April 20, 2015.
21 Apr 2015
Now 103 years old, Silvard Atajyan remembers vividly when French soldiers saved her, her sister and their parents from the mass killings by Ottoman Turks that 100 years on has stoked tempers once again. First taken to Egypt from territory...

WWI Ypres gas attack sears the memory 100 years on

A visitor looks at WWI posters at an exhibition titled 'Propaganda and War: The Allied Front During the First World War' in Istanbul March 17, 2015.
19 Apr 2015
One hundred years ago, a green cloud of chlorine gas drifted gently towards Allied trenches around Ypres, promising an agonizing death as Germany sought to break the bloody stalemate World War I had become.   The attack failed but it...

Veteran Egyptologist defends authenticity of Egyptian Mona Lisa

Meidum Geese painting
07 Apr 2015
A renowned egyptologist has defended the authenticity of an ancient Egyptian painting, the so-called "Meidum Gesse", against suspicions raised by an Italian professor, head of the Italian archaeological mission in Luxor. Al-Masry...

Union: Queen Elizabeth's Windsor Castle faces first labor dispute

A gallery assistant holds a 2-pound coin with the new portrait of Britain's Queen Elizabeth following it's unveiling at the National Portrait Gallery in London March 2, 2015.
31 Mar 2015
Staff at Windsor Castle, one of the residences of Britain's Queen Elizabeth, are considering withdrawing some services to tourists such as guided tours in a dispute over low pay, a labor union said on Monday.   The Public and...

Grand Museum Chief: King Tutankhamun’s throne chair not broken

30 Mar 2015
Grand Egyptian Museum Director Tareq Sayyed denied news about a fracture in King Tutankhamun’s throne chair, saying that the items belonging to Tutankhamun's exhibit, which includes 1,700 pieces, will be transferred to the new...

Antiquities Ministry to protect Abydos Temple from groundwater

30 Mar 2015
The Antiquities Ministry is aiming to protect the Abydos Temple from collapse due to rising groundwater.    In coordination with the American Research Center in Egypt, the ministry will attempt to save the temple, which is...