Bibliotheca Alexandrina publishes book on Egyptian ancient language

22 Jun 2015
The Writing and Scripts Center, affiliated to the Bibliotheca Alexandrina, has issued a new book entitled ‘Words From Life in Ancient Egypt’, written by Marwa al-Qady.   The book teaches children the principles of the...

Egyptian shroud set for rare auction in Paris

by Joshua Melvin, Antoine Froidefond | A photo taken in Paris on June 1, 2015 shows the funerary linen of a man called Ta-Nedjem dating from the Eighteenth Dynasty of Egypt (1400-1300 BC). The rare polychrome linen square with a funerary painting is set top be auctioned on June 18
16 Jun 2015
A rare ancient Egyptian burial cloth more than 3,000 years old is to go under the hammer on Thursday in Paris, an exceptional sale of an artefact usually found only in museum collections.   The small square of vividly painted fabric...

Daily Mail: Limestone for the Great Pyramid would cost US$776 million today

10 Jun 2015
The British Daily Mail website has published an infographic estimating current costs of seven iconic landmarks.   The Great Pyramid of Giza, which took approximately 30 years to construct, came on top of the list at just under US$1...

Team documents Cairo's nostalgic street ads

Batman ad
09 Jun 2015
Sundus Seif Eddin is a photographer and Amr Abu Tawila is a researcher who have documented old ads hand scripted on walls of Cairo's historic buildings as a witness of the changes that have occurred in Egyptian society. They call their...

Roars from the past: Colosseum unveils wild beasts trapdoor

by Laure Brumont | Up to 80,000 spectators at a time would throng to the Colosseum to see greats such as Carpophores -- who reportedly defeated a bear, lion, leopard and rhinoceros in one battle -- or cheer on sea battles held in the flooded arena
08 Jun 2015
It was the last thing they would see: a trapdoor opening in the floor of the Colosseum to unleash a snarling lion or bear, which sprang for the jugular as the crowds roared.   Where prisoners sentenced to a grisly death in ancient...

Napoleon Bonaparte in 10 dates

Napoleon Bonaparte in 10 dates

31 May 2015
 Key dates in the epic life of Napoleon Bonaparte, the French military and political leader who rose to prominence in the wake of the French revolution:   - August 15, 1769: Napoleon is born at Ajaccio on the island of Corsica,...

IS enters Syria's Palmyra museum

The sun sets behind ruined columns at the historical city of Palmyra, in the Syrian desert, some 240km (150 miles) northeast the capital of Damascus in this file photo taken on November 12, 2010. REUTERS/Khaled al-Hariri
23 May 2015
Islamic State group fighters have entered the museum in the ancient Syrian city of Palmyra, placing guards at its doors, the country's antiquities director Mamoun Abdulkarim said Saturday.   He also confirmed that the jihadist...

Old 'khayamiya' craft endagered, says craftsman

11 May 2015
The wonderful, old ‘khayamiya’, the art of tent-making, is endangered. It’s most famous location is Khayamiya street, situated at the end of Moez Street, north of Bab Zuweila.   Regarding its origins and history in...

Explorers say pirate Captain Kidd's treasure found off Madagascar

Explorers find infamous pirate Captain Kidd's treasure in Madagascar

09 May 2015
A team of American explorers on Thursday claimed to have discovered silver treasure from the infamous 17th-century Scottish pirate William Kidd in a shipwreck off the coast of Madagascar.   Marine archaeologist Barry Clifford told...

Public figures demand government intervention to protect Riche cafe

Khedival Cairo was characterized by its wide streets and beautiful roundabouts that facilitated the flow through the city.
05 May 2015
Several intellectuals and politicians have requested the cultural Riche cafe be preserved and have urged the government to intervene and establish a legal entity to protect the place that has been serving culture and politics in Egypt for...