French mission discovers head of King Thutmosis III statue

24 Nov 2014
  The Egyptian Ministry of Antiquities announced on Sunday that the head of the statue of King Thutmosis III, one of the main founders of the “The Age of the Empire” (1567 BC - 1085 BC) was discovered in southern Egypt....

Sugar and Lemon district: A district with a sweet history

24 Nov 2014
‘Sugar and Lemon’ is a name given to a district after a visit to Mohamed Ali Pasha. Residents tell the story of his visit every time they give our their addresses or a stranger passes by.   The ‘Sugar and Lemon...

Paintings discovered at Greece's biggest ancient tomb

AFP | A photo taken on November 22, 2014 shows a view of the site where archaeologists have unearthed a funeral mound dating from the time of Alexander the Great, in Amphipolis, Northern Greece
23 Nov 2014
Paintings of daily life have been discovered on columns at Greece's biggest ancient tomb at Amphipolis in the northern region of Macedonia, the Greek culture ministry said Saturday. "After cleaning the columns, images of people,...

Antique radio seller: Egyptians underappreciate antiques

18 Nov 2014
Every morning, Reda Baguiry opens his small store of radio sets, where shelves of antique radios collect dust, afraid that one day Egyptians might forget this important piece of their history.   Household radios have been in Egypt for...

Pharaonic treasures to go on display in Germany

FILE - In this Tuesday, April 12, 2011 file photo, a wooden statue of Tutankhamun, right, the gilded bronze and wooden trumpet of Tutankhamun and a part of Tutankhamun's fan, left, three of four objects that were missing and returned, are displayed during a news conference in the office of Egypt's Minister of State for Antiquities Zahi Hawass, in Cairo. Taking advantage of Egypt's political upheaval, thieves have gone on a treasure hunt with a spree of illegal digging, preying on the country's ancient pharaonic heritage.
15 Nov 2014
The city of Mannheim, Germany, is scheduled to host an exhibition of ancient Pharaonic artifacts that date back to 4,000 years ago.   Starting Sunday and until May 2015, the museums of Reiss Englehorn will display nearly 500 pieces...

After 15 years, Cairo International Film Festival displays Ha'et al-Botoulat movie

An Apache helicopter flies over Tahrir Square during a protest to support the army, in Cairo, 26 July 2013.
13 Nov 2014
As part of the 36th session of the Cairo International Film Festival the Egyptian film Ha'et al-Botoulat (Wall of Achievements) will be displayed on Thursday 11am at the "Civilization Hall 2." The movie was written by...

This day in History: Yasser Arafat died

DeceasedPalestinian President Yasser Arafat
11 Nov 2014
Today 11 November marks the 10th anniversary of death of former Palestinian President Yasser Arafat, known by his companions as Abu Ammar. He was born on 4 August 1929 to al-Qudwa family in Khan Youness city in Gaza. He was the sixth...

Library of Alexandria to host lecture on the city's ancient history

09 Nov 2014
The Library of Alexandria will hold a lecture and video conference about ancient Alexandrian history entitled "From the prehistory Aegean Sea to Nea Ionia, Athens, and Alexandria, and the astronomical Antikythera mechanism" on 19...

Saqqara pyramid committee urges restoration to prevent collapse

08 Nov 2014
Tareq Al-Nabarawy, head of Engineers Syndicate, said that Saqqara pyramid requires non-stop restoration to be carried out and called for ratifying financial allocations for the restoration process without delay to protect the pyramid...

Tut Ankh Amon tomb closure postponed, mummy not to be relocated

05 Nov 2014
Antiquities Minister Mamdouh Al-Damaty has decided to call off the periodic maintenance closure of Pharaonic King Tut Ankh Amon’s tomb, previously slated for November, until the end of the current tourism season. The minister...