Alex royal jewelry museum reopened after 3-year closure

Antiquities Minister Mamdouh al-Damaty reopens the Royal Jewelry in Alexandria 
19 Oct 2014
Antiquities Minister Mamdouh al-Damaty and Alexandria Governor Tarek al-Mahdy reopened on Sunday the Royal Jewelry Museum after three years of closure due to security instability during the 2011 uprising, adding that citizens of Alexandria...

Tourism ministry rents out 19th century royal residence

al-Salamlek Palace
14 Oct 2014
Stanly for Investment and Real State Development has won a 10-year usufruct for the 19th century Salamlek royal palace after a tender held by the Ministry of Tourism ended Monday.   Stanly, in association with San Giovanni Group, won...

'Egypt's Sunken Treasures' to be exhibited in three European countries

FILE - In this Tuesday, April 12, 2011 file photo, a wooden statue of Tutankhamun, right, the gilded bronze and wooden trumpet of Tutankhamun and a part of Tutankhamun's fan, left, three of four objects that were missing and returned, are displayed during a news conference in the office of Egypt's Minister of State for Antiquities Zahi Hawass, in Cairo. Taking advantage of Egypt's political upheaval, thieves have gone on a treasure hunt with a spree of illegal digging, preying on the country's ancient pharaonic heritage.
14 Oct 2014
The Board of Directors of the Supreme Council of Antiquities agreed in its last session, chaired by Mamdouh Al-Damaty, Minister of Antiquities, to hold an exhibition entitled the "Secrets of Sunken Egypt" in three European...

Keep Calm and Discover Egypt: An eye-opening tourism initiative for locals

13 Oct 2014
Behind each famous monument in Egypt is a story that tells a longstanding historical value, giving the country a soul and, undoubtedly, a unique identity.    However, heritage and cultural ignorance by many Egyptians has led to a...

Tomb of the Unknown Soldier: Egyptian creativity with Sami Rafe’s footprint

08 Oct 2014
In the Al-Ahram newspaper issue of 3 March 1975, the critic Makram Hanin wrote the following about the artist Sami Rafe who designed the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier:  “It is a simple yet inspirational idea.”   Rafe,...

This day in history: Israel, Lebanese militias massacre thousands of Palestinian refugees in Lebanon

16 Sep 2014
At the hands of Lebanese isolationism groups represented the by South Lebanon Army and Phalanges Party (Kataeb Party), and in coordination with the Israeli army the Sabra and Shatila, a massacre was committed at the Palestinian refugee...

On this day in history: President Mohamed Naguib died

28 Aug 2014
Mohamed Naguib was the first president of Egypt after it became a republic. He was born in Khartoum, Sudan, on 7 July 1902 to an Egyptian father and Sudanese mother, according to what is stated in his memoirs.   Naguib began his life...

Mummies in Egypt began long before Age of Pharoahs

14 Aug 2014
The earliest evidence of mummification in Egypt suggests that the practice of wrapping bodies to preserve them after death began around 1,000 years earlier than thought, said a study Wednesday.   The study in the journal PLOS ONE...

Celebrating Nefertari's tomb discovery to take place in Luxor 15 October

12 Aug 2014
The civil aviation ministry and the tourism authority, in collaboration with Italian Embassy in Egypt, will organize a ceremony in commemoration of the discovery of Nefertari's tomb in Luxor 110 years ago. The celebration will take...

Archaeological coalition says Aswan tombs robbed

10 Aug 2014
Archaeological activists said that some western Aswan archaeological sites have been robbed in recent months. "Ten tombs were stolen recently," the ‘Non-stop Robberies’ coalition said. "The Ministry of...